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  1. Weirdguy

    1911 Picture Thread

    It's a lasermax, check their website.
  2. Weirdguy

    SMG Picture Thread

    The uzi will fire, just the entire mag at once after you pull back the bolt Glock will fire it it feels like it. MP5 is empty. I have the spare parts coming in for the glock and uzi though, so it shouldn't be long before they work again.
  3. Weirdguy

    SMG Picture Thread

    Crappy picture with ghetto photoship effects applied Guess how many of them are in working condition?
  4. Weirdguy

    Glock Picture Thread

    No, it happens with both mags. I think it might just be the temperature though, it only seems to fire if it has been sitting inside for awhile.
  5. Weirdguy

    Glock Picture Thread

    I know, this is probably the worst photo I have ever taken, but I just wanted people to know I have a glock KSC/KWA 18c. My friend picked it up for $60 at a local store with 2 mags (one extended) and it only works 10% of the time. 90% of the time it just vents all the gas from the mag. When it does work the slide usually has to be pushed forward. I see that you can buy new recoil springs and hammer springs. Would either of these fix my problems?
  6. Weirdguy

    SIG Picture Thread

    You will want to go with 5.56 for the magpuls, but for pouches 7.62 ones work better then 5.56 As for cheekrests if you search enough you might find a store that has them. Or you can pray that JG might make them.
  7. Weirdguy

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    TM Mk23 This is a beat up silencer, I have a NIB one too that I put on when I feel like it...
  8. Weirdguy

    SIG Picture Thread

    It's holding up perfectly like any other TM. The only part that really sees a lot of wear is the flash hider, which looks cool and is easy to paint over. I opened up the sig right after I took that picture and all of the gears look brand new. EDIT: Here is a picture I just took of the gears! This must have been 15k rounds or so by now.
  9. Weirdguy

    SIG Picture Thread

    TM, about a year old now, so plenty of wear.
  10. Weirdguy

    SIG Picture Thread

    This page needs a rifle
  11. Weirdguy

    SIG Picture Thread

    Sig P210 DO WANT! This along with the FN FiveseveN are my favorite pistols and really the only ones I would want for airsoft (I used to have a sidearm but never used it, so I ditched it). Unfortunately they are both made by Marushin. I would but it seems we live in different countries. Oh well.
  12. Weirdguy

    SIG Picture Thread

    Badger, I forgot I had this image laying around, then I remembered it. This is what you want I believe: or maybe a bigger scope, and a bayonet to even things out I think all you really need though is magazines
  13. Weirdguy

    SIG Picture Thread

    My friend and me were really bored before a game. Enter rape. Story behind the mag: one of the springs fell out of my MAG midcap during a game (it was about -10c and the taps keeping it in just snapped off). I managed to keep the spring but only part of it didn't get tangled. My plan is to order a drum mag and convert it using the old magazine top, but until then it is this. Feeds about 4 rounds.
  14. Weirdguy

    SIG Picture Thread

    My normal batteries are in tape, that is just my test one. Does that acog work well? I have been looking for one for my sig, nothing else really looks good on it.
  15. Weirdguy

    SIG Picture Thread

    Ah the spring fell out of my MAG madcap so I took what I could and had to chop it down to 10 rounds. Those videos are actually from Arnies...

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