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  1. chillindrdude

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    krylon camouflage series paints
  2. chillindrdude

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    will hit her up with some more krylon this weekend
  3. chillindrdude

    M14 Picture Thread

    Got myself a SEI M14 QD Suppressor!
  4. chillindrdude

    M14 Picture Thread

    king arms makes a nice replica railed scope ring...thats what i use. or if you've got the funds, A.R.M.S makes the RS version
  5. chillindrdude

    Glock Picture Thread

    that is correct!
  6. chillindrdude

    Glock Picture Thread

    i sold the handgun...just couldn't get comfortable with the glock grip
  7. chillindrdude

    M14 Picture Thread

    very nice DMR. now go get her dirty! its a doctor optic sight... it turns on automatically when the cover is removed. the EBR is TM Based
  8. chillindrdude

    Glock Picture Thread

  9. chillindrdude

    M14 Picture Thread

    and oldie...but a goodie.
  10. chillindrdude

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread


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