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  1. finally done *all parts RS unless otherwise noted Systema PTW MAX2 KAC RAS Larue M68 CCO mount Aimpoint Comp with Tenaebrex ARD Surefire M951 with IR filter
  2. my M4A1 still waiting KAC RAS and Larue/Aimpoint
  3. my chest rig is hanging kinda low in that picture. damn it!
  4. pattern is worn by Phillipines SAF i think... but i'll defer to KeyserSoze or Scoobero on that.
  5. NICE! lookin' good! i like the DTS/sage combo
  6. meh...not my cup of tea. too much real estate for too little mag count. if you only want to carry 4 mags, get like a ATS low pro or DBT lo-vis, or eagle/skd tac chest rigs
  7. g&p M249s feed from the bottom. so if its a box mag made specifically for the G&P M249, it will not work for A&K/E1 M249s the A&K/E1 M249 are basically copies of the CA. my 100rd box mag is a MAG and works well in my A&K M249 as pictured.
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