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  1. Ooh yeah, agree on that last one! Would you say 'sheeps'?
  2. I wonder if the carry handle with optics will be available separately, would be awesome for people who already have a G36. As far as I know this is the first carry handle scope where the scope is actually useable! Gun looks amazing mate, I have to say if I were to get a G36 now it would probably be this one! Stu.
  3. I have to say I agree with snowman on this one. I always thought that the one condition on necro-posting is that if it adds useful information to a thread then it doesn't matter if it's a necro. Stu.
  4. Nah I approve as well . I like reading reviews on stuff, really helps me choose my gear with my meagre budget.
  5. Very good, look forward to the night test . Like your remote Stu.
  6. Sorry if this is in the wrong place... What's this new review section underneath the main forum? Is it just that, a new forum? I just appear to have missed the fanfare around its opening. Does it link to the review database or is it independant? Stu.
  7. But why do you need to buy extra valve locks? Surely new WA mags come with them already fitted? Or do they break easily or something? Stu
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