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    Classic army CA15A4. HFC mac11. TOP M249 PARA.
    AGM thompson, M1 Garand, MP40, Tanaka KAR98, WE 1911, Luger, P38. AKSU.
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    gloves, shades, hat. sorted.
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    watford Herts
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    Airsoft, a vast collection of 1/72 diecast aircraft, you can see where my money goes. Trying to keep my POS jinlun motorbike going. Anthing WW2 related. and a devout follower of the church of geardo. All praise to to the CIRAS and give honour to the sacred MICH.
  1. Thats what I need. An airsoft Hertzer. You lucky chap .Nice load out.
  2. Very impressed. some very nice kits there, you should pop over and see us on comrades in arms website. More WW2 kit than you can wave a KAR98 at.
  3. White rabbit?, what the f*** do mean White rabbit, Private Alice.
  4. OOOH pretty, I'm liking this. P
  5. Well done that man, a very professional job, I look forward to more.
  6. I have joined the shotty club: I am reborn Bloody hell your arms don't half hurt after playing with a spas 12.
  7. they say imitation is the highest form of compliment. Oh and the ciras vest isn't that bloody hard to get into.
  8. Standard weapons for Herts police, G36c, side arm sig 226 and lots of sunglasses
  9. a very nice bit of kit. Rigt back to multicam propper BDU shirt Truspec trousers Coyote brown ciras black hawk serpa pic on the way.
  10. despite finance problems, Bagdads sado-machochism club gets some new equipment.
  11. sady its unlikley it will hold. do you have any ideas why it broke and have you spoken to the store or manufactuer?
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