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    1 year ago
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    Classic army CA15A4. HFC mac11. TOP M249 PARA.
    AGM thompson, M1 Garand, MP40, Tanaka KAR98, WE 1911, Luger, P38. AKSU.
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    gloves, shades, hat. sorted.
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    United Kingdom

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    watford Herts
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    Airsoft, a vast collection of 1/72 diecast aircraft, you can see where my money goes. Trying to keep my POS jinlun motorbike going. Anthing WW2 related. and a devout follower of the church of geardo. All praise to to the CIRAS and give honour to the sacred MICH.
  1. imp1864

    What's your backup?

    KJW M9, if I can get it out of my new holster. AH lube.
  2. imp1864


    acu kit

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