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  1. BZZZT. COMPUTER SAYS NO. The database error meant the orignal users post didn't show up in the thread, leaving a thread with just a title. Thread still had to be manually deleted by a moderator.
  2. The rules state discussion of upgrading your gun past the 328 limit is prohibited. The fact you were putting a high powered spring obviously has an affect on the bushings - the whole question is relavent. A simple re-wording of the question would have sufficed in this case, though. "I want to upgrade my gun to 328 or so, but the metal bushings I bought don't seem to fit in the gearbox. Is this normal, and is it ok to leave the nylon bushings in if I can't get them to fit?" I personally didn't delete your thread - I would have PM'd you and asked you to re-post with such wording.
  3. Probably because it requested info to take your gun to a higher FPS than the forum limit.
  4. Why not, if they're pg-13 pics?
  5. The only thread you have in the trash can was your broken L96 thread, that was removed due to a database error that meant it didn't show up right. If you wish to re-post your thread feel free, but please use the grammar and spell check options availiable to you. Thread moved to site errors and locked.
  6. Narrative or Tabletop Role-playing Games are a large class of commercially-available games. These are usually available only at specialized hobby or game stores, although a few (such as Dungeons & Dragons) can be found in regular bookstores. "Narrative" means to that game actions are taken primarily through verbal declaration (i.e. "my character climbs the wall"). Narrative role-playing games are played sitting around in a comfortable setting (often around a table but not neccessarily), and what happens is defined by verbal description. i.e. A player simply declares "I am wal
  7. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...topic=41336&hl= Read this thread, it'll cool your ardour. LJ - on the outside, it's lovely gun. Full metal, looks to be externally built like a tank, right weight. Yes, I've used it in realsteel and that has attractions and offputting nature of it's own, but as I said in the other thread, for £400 it should sit up and whistle dixie. It looks to me like there are some major flaws with the deign and execution of the replica - it's a *badgeress* to strip, QC aint great (stripped screw heads, anyone?) fire selectors dodgy, plus a couple of
  8. Actually my inner voice has listend to Hissing sid on IRC and gone "Bugger this, I'm going to spend my £500 on a CA249 instead."
  9. Oh god no.....my bank balance.....must....resist......lure.....of.....SA80....
  10. HOW DOES IT SHOOT!!!!! *foams at mouth*
  11. Your local lets you use 12 guage? Bloody hell, mine was only .38 special. I've never encountered a site that permits the use of the 'shotgun' blanks. Far too bloody loud.
  12. I just picked up a second Mp5K. DUAL GUNNING FTW!
  13. I'm gonna get me a TMP to dual with the mac 11.
  14. If you find any beretta compensators, do let me know. The only one I can find is on Dentrinity and it's sold out.
  15. I just personally felt them to be front heavy, as did Hardcore. One of the reasons I have the compensators on the hi-capas is to balance out the fact a lot of weight is in the magazine.
  16. Sorry, that'll be from when I merged it. I'll put it back.
  17. I tend to keep an eye on 'contentious' threads and the reps of the people involved. The problem is, reputation is very subjective. I've got 30 odd points that are purely because I have a hot girlfriend who airsofts. I have a chunk from writing various comedy songs. Havoc has rep just for having a huge rep! If you've recieved a negative reputation point in retaliation, or you feel that a rep is 'unjustified' PM a member of the mod team. We'll take a look and evaluate, and we can remove it if we agree with your point. I will personally remove a negrep if it is because a user has s
  18. Posted abov edited. Smaller pictures please dude.
  19. Evilhippy - You have made the missus buy a pair of uzis. I'm pobably going to buy a second K. And another Nitro kit. MY ADDICTION NEVER ENDS!
  20. That's my 'running around like a nutter' loadout. I got an mp5k strapped to my chest for when I need full auto mayhem. Most of the time in woodland, I just carry the Hi-capas in a dual shoulder rig and the socom or the m500 in a thigh holster, and run with the m4 as a primary. The hi-capas are lovely once they're tuned. The SAS kits balance them wonderfully - I found the stock hicapa to be a little rear havey cos of the magazine. Good slings help with that.
  21. They're not CO2, they're green gas with the extended 40rd mags. And they're Hardcore's The Hi-capa's have Nine Ball SAS front kits added. As mentioned above, close ups are availiable here http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...pic=27818&st=40
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