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  1. That's awesome^ Now to only find a spot to print it out.
  2. Yea agreed. The little space the mount portion takes up, combined with that 'extension' arm gives you a little more space to work with.
  3. A railed pump would be great, but I doubt anyone will have one out for sale anytime soon. I'm gonna see if I can rig up an X2 to a small rail section or a Thorntail style mount to free up a little extra room on the existing pump.
  4. Has anyone figured out a decent tac light solution for their TM Breacher yet? Just got mine in and there's even less real estate to work with now that I see it in person than what I thought.
  5. Fitted my Guarder frame today after a few hours of filing.. TM G17 Guarder Slide Guarder Frame Guarder 150% Recoil Spring SF X300 I left out the slide release spring on the re-assembly as I just couldn't get it to seat inside the frame without restricting the trigger mechanism. Am I on the road to trouble by leaving that out? The gun functions exactly as it did without it, but I know it's obviously not there just for fun, it serves some sort of purpose.
  6. Thanks dude, I'm glad you like it. It's a KJW base gun with pretty much all of the important parts replaced with other aftermarket ones. (Mostly G&G, some Tanaka and other third party ones like the suppressor adapter for example) I'm loving it so far as it shoots straight as an arrow since most of it's use is just target shooting around my home. On a good day with mild wind I'm usually able to pump out 7 or 8 hits out of 10 on a dinner plate sized target at about 55-60 yards. Definitely not the furthest shot out there, but accurate enough to be fun to shoot. It's even more
  7. Thanks gents. @Karma- Is everything else the same though? Throw some pictures up when you get the chance.
  8. Copy paste from a local forum review I did. Apologies if the formatting is off... ----- vs. ----- I FINALLY got my Manta clone in from ebaybanned and figured I'd throw up a quick review since I am super impressed how well they did with this rip-off item. Price: $47 shipped from ebaybanned Shipping: The Manta took exactly 1 MONTH to arrive. Absolutely horrible in my opinion, but given how every site that listed them kept adding then removing them for sale from their webpage, I'm just glad I got one. To Order: As of March 17th, 2012, e
  9. You receive any of my PM's Extraordinaire?
  10. Haha...badass '24' setup you have there elchinator. What are the specs on that USPC you have there?
  11. BAE 2001 Contour Manta V-Lites EOG CW Surefire Light Wilcox G05 OpsCore H-Nape Ebaybanned 15's Trolololol Orion Filters
  12. Got the chance to take some pics...
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