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  1. If your looking for authentic London Bridge Trading company gear this is the the place to get best prices best service, yes it is a local business in my state about an hour away. I visited the store directly and they had some items for lowest prices I had seen, some of the other items where not in stock and they had them dropped shipped to my door free of charge, I had my items within 5 days. I would highly recommend this company if you looking for some real world kit.
  2. I placed a couple of orders and 1 rather large order with Airsoft Global, I first would like to say there communication is Excellent they our prompt to get back with you thru email and they speak very fluent english, they answered all my questions specifically. Also there shipping to the US is extremely fast 3 days has been the normal shipping time to get my items. I would highly recommend airsoft global to anybody looking for a reliable retailer over seas for those hard to find airsoft items.
  3. I ended up purchasing the Atacs version of this helmet after this review. I will add that mine on the inside of the helmet is printed M/L also my hat size is 7 1/2 and I find the helmet true to RS version.
  4. Can I have a parts list for the MAG-K I think I just found something else the wife can get mad at me about mhahahahhaah
  5. RS SPEC for the buffer tube airsoft gi was carrying the spare mags under the SHOOTER brand name, I think tokyo model company also had some. ehobbyasia has the hicaps ewwww.
  6. to answer a few of your question, CW threads, while it is a regular style m4 hop-up the hop up actually mounts into the gearbox and you do have to take apart the gearbox to remove it weather or not a standard m4 hop will work is unknown at the time. Some parts I am not to happy with is the piston and the piston head and those will be replaced they look and feel cheap and in a high fps setup will be destroyed, I will be changing the gears, adding a custom v2fix to the box, a metal piston head, the gun does not have a mosfet like ab style but the selector and switch is not a typical version 2 s
  7. ARES KAC XM110 While the trades our puesdo correct this is on overall impressive gun, and it looks like I will have to write a review. This is a quality aeg machined from aluminum. And I really like the design of the gearbox it is well built and engineered to accomidate the 308 style magazine but still uses mostly standard version 2 gearbox parts, with a stainless steel cylinder a sold metal hop- up, the abillity to change the spring easily. all of us now how fustrating it can be to get all the little bits back into a version 2 gearbox with the easy of the spring removal it makes the operation
  8. Can anybody tell me what type of flashlight IR Signal or camera device he has on the left side of his weapon. Thanks Skintband
  9. Your bathroom remodel project looks great, I don't think you could be happier.
  10. Sorry dont mean to quote a picture but I am interested in getting a kit list for this loadout if anybody would be willing to help that would be great Thanks in advance. IronWolf: Quoting pictures with tags in place.
  11. It is a King Arms grip. I like the finger grooves and it fits my large hands. I think it is a far superiour than a standard grip.
  12. And Dang I thought it was some sort of self destruct mechanism.
  13. Doesn't it say and variants in here? If it is in the wrong place could an op put it in the proper thread thanks.
  14. Here is my latest addition
  15. All King Arms Casv. Started out life as a Troy MRF-CX. Only parts that aren't King Arms is the inner barrel which is a promethus and the magpuls.
  16. Well before we all get our panties in a bunch and start tossing tea into boston harbor over this deal. I can fully understand why the adminstration was forced to do something like this to try and help protect members, was it in our best interest possibly, it will make me contribute more, and without conversation this wood a pointless endeavor if noone posted anything to read?
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