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  1. I really like this one.
  2. It indeed looks like a toy Im going to order mine probally next week yeah its not funny I feel bad for brittish airsofters.
  3. Oh jesus at least stick a big-*albatross* silencer on it.
  4. Is... Is that... A PAINTBALL GRENADE?
  5. aznriptide, that is the only AK with cranestock and other tactical nonsense that I actually like... Ive always hated AK's with M4 stocks.
  6. Havoc, your M4's body markings kick *albatross*
  7. I got a question about the JP FAMAS. Are the lower receiver and the pistol grip really metal? A finnish airsoft magazine reviewed this gun and it says that they are not metal...

  8. How about a pic of the MC51K with a normal mag.
  9. PIC REQUEST: An AK74 with a normal AK47 scope mount (like the one TM makes) with different kind of red dots on it. Im too lazy to scroll this thread lawl.
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