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  1. Interesting post. Have you tried shooting at any paper or card targets so you can see the shot patten?? Any idea how much the BBs spread out at 10m or so?
  2. Those are very nice indeed. I may have to invest.
  3. Nice review! I'm tempted to buy one now, despite the problems. Edit: I can't see the photos on the other site without creating a profile and logging in.
  4. That does look nice! I like the fact that it's even got the authentic Belgian proof marks.
  5. Quick question on both TaiwanGun and Gunfire; do they use a courier service or the normal postal service? The Danish postal service refuses to have anything to do with anything remotely gun related, and returns everything to the sender.
  6. Cheers Deve, sounds good. Lots to upgrade under the hood though?
  7. Quick question for you L85 gurus; I saw the Army R85 with RIS at RSOV and can see that it's got the wrong charging handle. Does anything else need changing?
  8. There are some really gorgeous 1911s in this thread! I'll have to buy myself one.
  9. It doesn't seem to be visible to us mere mortals.
  10. I have tried PMing mods about it before a couple of years back. Didn't get a reply though. Any recommendations as to which one is likely to be helpful?
  11. Having chosen a crappy username in haste when I joined, I too have been wondering about a name change, as I'd rather change the name rather than ditch this account and start another.
  12. Is this any use to you? http://iacmc.forumotion.com/t51-delta-force-display-from-just-cause-museum-pictures-originally-posted-by-nkomo
  13. In case anyone is interested it's now official, Denmark is going over to Multicam! http://forsvaret.dk/FMT/Nyt%20og%20Presse/Pages/Uniformimultiterr%C3%A6nm%C3%B8nster.aspx Translated version here: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=da&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=da&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fforsvaret.dk%2FFMT%2FNyt%2520og%2520Presse%2FPages%2FUniformimultiterr%25C3%25A6nm%25C3%25B8nster.aspx
  14. Denmark: Over 18 to purchase, over 16 to play at most sites. Full auto ok. Import okay, export no idea. http://handelshusetaulum.dk/ http://multishoppen-fredericia.dk/index.php?osCsid=a4fbe0b11c89607643ee705b7fdc1253 http://hardballshoppen.dk/ http://rodes.dk/ http://www.kims.nu/ My favourites are the first two, both have a half decent range and pretty good service.
  15. Really? He said that it was a mix of the new British MTP and Multicam.
  16. I was recently told, by a General no less, that M/84 is being phased out from this year in favour of a new Multicam-a-like pattern. So you can expect to see prices on M/84 kit dropping sometime soon.
  17. For those who can't get hold of the real deal, Ebaybanned has some repro Sawtooths for sale. I've only had mine a couple of weeks, but they actually seem to be pretty good. One thing though; they're very neat in their sizing, so I'd recommend buying the next size up.
  18. That's strange, I'd heard that they were only going to issue them in the ACU pattern. I suppose it makes sense to issue them in a pattern that matches the uniform though. Slightly OT, but does anyone know if they're issuing ABU uniforms cut like the Army's ACU? I've seen some for sale, but they may just have been knock offs.
  19. Great review of a very nice weapon.
  20. They really look the business Papillon. Does the issue bayonet fit without any modifications?
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