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  1. Does anyone that has the RA-tech K conversion know if the FH is CW or CCW; or if it's removable at all? My entire next project is based on the answer.
  2. What threading is the end of the ra-tech k-conversion barrel? I'm assuming that FH is removable...
  3. Request: picture looking down the sights? certainly a work of art... gorgeous pistol.
  4. I based mine off this picture: It looks like the same gas block to me, but if you're referring to the vented gas tube, it's there because I got the lower md. foregrip without a matching upper wood gas tube, and it seemed like a better option than mismatching wood. I'm not going to bother replacing the front sight, simply taking a Dremel to it to shape it. I'll have to chop down a ribbed receiver cover as well, as the Real Swords are made to spec length and are about .5in shorter than all other AS Ak's. As for the bolt itself, what would you recommend? I can't really see a diff
  5. Project: *in progress* Romanian PM md.65 Based off a RS 56-1, w/realsteel front grip/gas tube. still to come, ribbed spine cover and cut-down front sight to std AK style. (from original T56 ring sight)
  6. Moving an IDF POW. (haha.. acronyms.) Don't mind mr. ACU there. I'm taking up rear security w/the suppressed m733.
  7. would a 5" Para Prokiller fit here? =\
  8. Ha HA! I realized I have something else to sneak into this awesome thread! mwahahaha.
  9. crump3t


    Unfortunately I don't have a better camera than my phone laying around, but I figured I'd snap a few recent pics of one of my DMR's since it's been a while... Love her to death.
  10. Funny, the first RS owner here in UT did exactly that, and ran w/it that way (9.6v/1300mAh in spine/7.2v in stock on T56) and played w/it every other weekend for probably 3 months, it had a ridiculous RoF, high 20's rpm at least.
  11. Watching a berm about 150ft out... and it's a TM M14 w/the G&P KAC kit and GB-Tech M25 flash hider.
  12. It's been a while, but here's a few from this past weekend... Walking: Shooting: Smiling: Good times.
  13. I worked in a local airsoft shop, and for testing purposes in AK's, we always used Star's mags. I know we worked on Kalash's, and don't remember there being any problem with the fit, and they star's feed flawlessly 95% of the time. [at least in my team and I's experience, which has been 100+ of their mags.] edit:: sorry for going off-topic, just trying to wrap up the Q's. Back to pictures! 2nd the Kobra pic request.
  14. Any of the Star mags are awesome. The 105 rounders as well as the real caps work perfectly. They feed much better than RS's own mags in fact.
  15. lmfao. "So cool we kill terrorists and get some... at the same time."
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