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  1. Nice. Is there anyway can one plug up those holes on the side of the frame "nicely"? I really wish the night warrior came with standard frame instead stupid looking rail mount on them.
  2. Awesome. Cheers for the help.
  3. Can you use hicapa blow back housing on MEU as well? Cheers.
  4. Does anyone have experience with Dytac sites for hi capa 5.1? Is it two piece design like Nine ball one? Cheers.
  5. Just the curiosity came all of sudden, has anyone tested the maximum effective shooting range using PDI01 7 inch barrel? Comparing to stock length innerbarrel. I'm just dead curious how much distance it will benefit by having extra 2 inches or so? I wish I had tested this when I had mine. Sigh~
  6. hey guys. I belive real grip fits on both KSC and WA beretta. Does the same apply to TM Beretta as well? Would this mean the grips are also interchangable? I.E WA grip fits on TM vice versa. BTW I decided to get WA beretta. I belive it's more reliable and shoots better than KSC M9? All I need is all season/weather performance with reliability and good effective shooting range. Last time I checked, ksc wasn't that great. Dont' know much about TM though. Never had one before. Cheers.
  7. fal

    G36 Picture Thread

    Thanks for the help. That doesn't look too bad. Much appreciated for the pics. What I was actually wondering was being able to use it with carry handle scope rather than railed handguards. So that I can get clear view of crosshair through the scope. Cheers.
  8. fal

    G36 Picture Thread

    You can see it through the scope on carry handle. My question is, first the look, second the usability. Generally I wouldn't place any optic on handguard but I really dislike the height of having eotech on top of carry handle unless I'm wearing respirator. I like the scoped carry handle so I don't really plan to replace it with railed carry handle. Cheers.
  9. fal

    G36 Picture Thread

    Can anyone help me here please. If anyone have G36K with RIS handguard and scoped handle, can you post up a picture of your rifle with eotech mounted on top of the RIS? (not on top of scope on the carry handle.) cheers.
  10. fal

    Glock Picture Thread

    renegadecrow/ Wow, that's.....funky.
  11. Does anyone have a pic of M16A2/A3 with TA11 mounted on carry handle? I'd love to see the setup. Thanks.
  12. fal

    1911 Picture Thread

    @amateurstuntman Would love to see more pics of those dual bling detonics.
  13. fal

    Glock Picture Thread

    Thanks. Pics are coming. I just moved into new flat. It's kinda chaotic to find darn cable so I can transfer data to my computer. I haven't had much trouble with the original metal slide either. Nice, deep engravings, satin finish. All well, till the paint start to wear and chip off. Especially around chamber area for some reason. Then it got all ugly and I'm not well practiced for painting works. So I just bought a new slide. Also it was end of year thing. Wanted to give myself bit of treat. I agree on whilte engraved/laser etched slide though. My teammate has KSC Glock 19 with w
  14. fal

    Glock Picture Thread

    Just installed AS Glock 34 slide for my KSC Glock(obviously 34) and Dytac night sights. Ok my glock was metal slide version from www.gunsnguys.com. It had this crappy taiwanese made metal slide. The AS slide I bought is this one: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=25471 1. The weight of AS slide: 90g. The weight of ###### die-casted original slide: 90g. *No performance gain there. Both slides are identical weight. 2. The weight of outerbarrel came with AS slide:28g. Theweight of outerbarrel came with ###### die-casted original slide: 66g.
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