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  1. St Matt

    Glock Picture Thread

    Thanks for the help guys!
  2. St Matt

    Glock Picture Thread

    Does anybody know if the TM Glock 17 fits into the IMI holsters ok? My fiend is having a bit of trouble with his new IMI holster, the gun is very tight in it. We just wondered if this was normal as I know the TM's arent exactly the same dimensions as the real steel?
  3. St Matt

    Beretta Picture Thread

    Thank you.
  4. St Matt

    Beretta Picture Thread

    Possibly the wrong thread to ask in but has anyone ever had problems using a standard TM M9 with green gas? Can they handle it?
  5. St Matt

    Beretta Picture Thread

    Thanks WhiteHawksan in that case I think I will leave well alone and just use her! Cheers
  6. St Matt

    Beretta Picture Thread

    I love the classic Beretta M9 and some of these look great!!! I have a question tho, I have a standard TM M9, which I really like but its a bit 'plasticy'. I have thought about getting one of the Guarder metal kits and barrel. Have any of you guys had any experience with the Guarder kits for the M9? Are they a quality upgrade over the plastic TM body and are they a pain in *albartroth* to fit?

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