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  1. Ed you were one of the best and most geniune players at the werkz
  2. Yes, that's her. I remember having a 1-1 pistol duel with her boyfriend because of a miss fire. Eventually, they became regulars at Electrowerkz and friends. Haven't seen them since that club closed. However, I still see "Tripwire" (Mark Gracey) every week as we play xbox together with others from Tier 1. Back then Arnie's was the home of airsoft.
  3. You find these in your "airsoft odds and sods" box.
  4. Hey all, please help spreading the word It's Christmas, so here is your present of my Operation Jawbreaker film (the full version): a 24hour Milsim event held in Copehill Down FIBUA site, near Stonehenge in England, by Tier 1 Military Simulations. This is roleplaying at its very finest. No actors, no retakes, everything happens live once the game is on! 37 minutes of the best Military Simulation ever undertaken in the UK and all cut together with music and professionally coloured. This is a film of how deep Military Simulation can go. Please "like" us on Facebook and share amongst your fr
  5. Basho has just been promoted and is sitting in a hotel room in Dublin very happy! EMEA Client Services Manager ahoy!

  6. After the simply amazing performance of the British female Judo team, it's for the TKD players to bring the fight. Can they step up to such an incredible level?

    1. FireKnife


      Wait, what we did well at an Olympic martial arts event? Well done for Team GB, even with this big waste of money at least the team is kicking *albatross* :P

    2. cazboab


      Also the first ever gold medal for British womens boxing. They might suck at football, running and swimming, but years of catfights at 2AM in town centres have made our women unbeatable in sports that involve hitting people.


  7. Sorry, no. I did have someone video the in game red brief
  8. Hey All, Just wanted to drop you a line re my new film and article about Operation Jawbreaker. This was a 24hour Milsim event held in Copehill Down FIBUA site, near Stonehenge in England, by Tier 1 Military Simulations. The promo is here: http://youtu.be/-lxutOnHYzI Quote from article: I stood looking out of the café window at the sun soaked street outside. People dressed in dishdashas and pakols were setting up shops in the buildings opposite. Quite a funky bhangra beat was coming out of the speakers in the next window along and the men were all slightly bobbing in time
  9. just launched www.airsoftfilm.com

  10. << posted a new film to Outside Context!

  11. The gun is still working well. The battery is still 8v small. Frankly I don't see the need for 9 or for lipo at the moment. I took some more footage using the gun at a game (see the videos thread). It definatley warrants a 9/10, quite an AEG.
  12. Haven't tried a Lipo yet, given the speed on a standard 8v small - I dont really need to!
  13. They have always been v v good for me and everyone I know. As for the lack of email, I can't comment. Incorrect address perhaps?
  14. 50% of the DA's at GZ Weekender 2009. GZ is a casual event, so we can wear what we want. We have two sub teams, one wears MC and the other wears black. Basho
  15. Its tight as hell, not much space. But then it doesn't rattle at all.
  16. Well, those 8 guys had just taken out an ambush my fire team laid by spotting us. I was the only one who got away. I hid and they ignored me. Big mistake. This was right outside their base and I used this to my advantage together with one of my favourite tactics; look like you belong there. If you walk, calmly out past people they often mistake your side at a distance since people are looking out for people moving "suspiciously". I, of course, had my tags visible and my finger on my trigger. I was wearing multicam, and was clearly on team Delta, but this didn't matter since, how co
  17. Fair enough, thanks for the edit.
  18. Fair comment, and I am! (The main video "Band of Delta-Alpha" is all over the web at the moment and someone even posted it on the Army Rumour Service forums.) In that spirit let me answer your points. I mentioned context because the situation was a particular one. My side was flanked by this lone guy and he was taking fire from about 15 people and (from our point of view) being a nob by hiding behind a tree and, well, basically blind firing us all and claiming he wasn't being hit. Having been a marshal, I know that there is no way we could tell for sure. After a minute of this
  19. Well, the marshalls (two of them) standing right next to this guy decided that not only was this event OK by them, but that it deserved a medal. So, I reiterate in a different way: It is not your place to rant at me for anything. And anyway, the footage looks much worse than it was and also does not show context. Very important context. You were right about something though, the PTS does have an awesome rate of fire!
  20. PART TWO! NOTE: This review is split into two parts. This is part two; the review of the gun out in play and my commentary on its real world performance. The crew from Aliens review the Magpul PTS AEG in the field Basho: “Ok men here it comes, most people don’t review guns in two parts. No, they instead setup a target, perhaps in their home, shoot a few times at it and give you the benefit of that wisdom. What there is of it. I too have written ones like this, but then I stopped. When I reviewed the TM Desert Eagle Hard Kick I noted its lack
  21. I saw loads of these in India (especially Goa), when I was out there and they are amazing bikes. Big and solid.
  22. Your wish is my command! "It's all about the LR" Mine is a custom Prime LR kit, which used to run a systema high speed and hexlical gears. It has just had our team engineer rebuild it with new inners and I am awaiting it for GZ. It is by far the best gun I have ever used. Simply CQB perfection in design. (This is my old 2006 lvl 3 CQB loadout for when playing against a hot gun) Basho
  23. The version of this review with videos is on my site (I cant post youtube here) http://www.outsidecontext.com/2009/08/09/t...-goggle-review/
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