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  1. WETTI M4 CQBR (GBBR) MK18 MOD1 RIS II (Socom Gear) Magpul XTM Panels Magpul MOE STOCK Tango Down stubby Grip Arms and Troy BUIS's Aimpoint Micro Dot (repro) Here's a High Res version if anyone wants to go over it with a fine tooth comb LOL
  2. WETTI M4 CQBR (GBBR) MK18 MOD1 RIS II (Socom Gear) Magpul XTM Panels Magpul MOE STOCK Tango Down stubby Grip Arms and Troy BUIS's Aimpoint Micro Dot (repro)
  3. Holy ###### that is one of the most "magpulized" Rifles I have seen yet. Wow.
  4. Here's an Updated Picture. I can't seem to edit my post
  5. This is a very simple review of Duarcoat's Magpul Flat Dark Earth. Duracoat is available directly from the Manufacturer HERE. What you'll need Duracoat and hardener Duracoat Reducer Airbrush Air source. Good ventilation Be sure to clean all parts and follow the manufacturers instructions to the letter if you want this product to work. This is the starting point. I have placed a Tango Down Pistol Grip next to a Magpul PTS PMAG for colour comparison. As you can see the TD grip is much yellower than the Magazine. I have had to manipulate the picture slightly to
  6. Here are a few pics from a game this past weekend.
  7. Ya whoever they have screwing on the front sight is a bit cockeyed LOL. Mine is just slightly canted to the right as well...good luck getting the grub screw loose to straighten it out. I stopped after I started to strip it.
  8. Ya no problem, Im giving them to a buddy next weekend to CNC some new ones.
  9. Thanks for the review azsworst. Looks like I might take that stock piece out and have one made of better metal.
  10. This is the new KALASH AKMS. It comes with Full metal and Laminated wood furniture. The Only thing I have done with this beauty so far is re-finish the wood furniture and add a new hop up rubber. I am very impressed with the solid build and features Dboys has put into this. The Pistol grip is just down right wrong and fugly. I tried to dye it with RIT dye but it would not take so I have a Plum coloured grip on its way now to complete the look.
  11. Nice Review. I have one of these coming this week, I'm looking forward to your additional findings. The pistol grip is FUGLY for sure. I plan on dyeing it with RIT dye "wine" #10 (yes it works) for that plum colour.
  12. Max waist size...Hmm Is Freaking Huge an actual size? LOL. Seriously though I'm a 36 Waist and This thing has room for at least a 46" if not more if you took out the flotation foam. With two points of adjustment it just gets huge.
  13. I always double tie them and they never come undone. This also keeps the laces from falling out or getting snagged.
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