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  1. "cough" the vortex ones ARE from surefire.. and can mouunt surefire can´s there some range pics, but not fielded.
  2. It´s a simple bike hose/tire afaik.
  3. Need a box, and at least 3 uppers ^^ Still to come LU60A+FM63 Filter and BE Meyer FH
  4. Folks might be interested in a Repro LLM01? http://cgi.ebay.de/selfmade-LLM01-dummy-VERY-RARE-/170536835949?pt=Militaria&hash=item27b4c99b6d As seen on mmodern L85A2´s
  5. Nice vlite can get my paws on them.. theyre expensive tho... hence having a question. do they produce enough light to read cards/plans with them at night?
  6. Someone said truckload? (ok an 1:6 truck it would be ) Willard... i´m just speaking for myself... i´m not sure if everyone wants this kind of attention.. Did you ask him if he wants to be advertised around?.... Rumkugel
  7. Hehe, well i´m after rs parts And getting the right markings done.
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