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  1. Love it! Is that your Russian mafia impression?
  2. The trouble is though there is no way to tell if someones been lurking and there is nothing to stop somone just making a profile and waiting for a period of time (not saying that is likely). I have been contacted on Z1 by someone with no posts but an account a few years old and they were extremely dodgy. I dont think they would be as trust worthy either, its not just someone has posted. It gives something to lose and means by the time you can buy/sell its easier to find someone if something happends.
  3. You can say variable zoom, maybe not in the way he intended.
  4. Hey, atleast you can spot sarcasm. Yea, what RC said. I mean the people saying they have been on here for four years and have'nt reached the count... you havent averaged 25 posts a year and you dont like the limit? Thats like 2 and a bit A MONTH.
  5. I dont think there is a link of wanting to sell something and becoming a regular contributor. I go on Z1 if im selling something or looking to buy something. I dont post there otherwise. Look at the majority of people who are selling stuff there and they are only selling/buying, the actual number regular posters on Z1 is smaller than you would think. Arnies is better for selling/buying , all my experiences have been positive in that respect. People are easy to check up on and generally know more about what they are selling. The 100 posts also stops hit and run posters who have nothing t
  6. I dont think ive ever seen an mp5 that hasnt had adjustable sights, even old old clones. Ive also owned both JG and cyma mp5sd's and they both had foam inserts.
  7. I dont think you can include iron sights and a supressor (since its a sd) as a pro. I mean it would be a con if it didnt have , but its like saying pro; this sammich has bread either side. Gearbox does look ok for the price though.
  8. I really like that SU. Thanks for the info, ill be ordering them start of next month.
  9. Unrelated to the above, I have a Ak74 with a top railed hand guard, i was looking at getting a kobra and peq, does anyone know if the kobra will clear the peq if top mounted?
  10. There are also pbs-1 and 4(?) That have the big size threads, i owned one. However that was a few years ago now and it was secound hand, not sure if they are still available and as i recall were very expensive. VFC maybe?
  11. Nice review , will be inteterested in a followup and a check for any corrosion 6 months and a few wet games down the line.
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