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  1. Disabled spots in residential streets... lets just say my local council are abit 'liberal' with the term disability. *cough* too fat to walk *cough*
  2. Ive been really tempted by both call of doody MB and the Halo ones and im not a fan of either. Almost picked up some COD ones but then i saw Lego are redoing there ice station sets and the Thing popped in my head so i picked up one of those. I also saw a call o' doody little bird (though i dont think it was mega bloks) and had the child insode me screaming why didnt it exist when i was young and why didnt i have the spending power i do now then.
  3. I would of loved him to do a series just based on the Bombardier adds he did.
  4. Rik Mayall is dead. Seriously a faultless comedian.
  5. Pffft ehy are you complaining? you just got a ticket to eat steak everyday of the week.
  6. I went to the cinema with my friend, it was dead, us ans 2 other guys there alone. I said something to him just before the movie had started and this guy turned round and basically shouted "stop talking". He then proceeded to spend the entire movie on his phone, a bright light in the corner of my eye. He wasnt just texting he would get phone calls answer start saying "hello, hello" and run out then come back, did it 6 or 7 times. Next time i went to the cinema surprise , surprise he was a *fruitcage* employee.
  7. I watched the new X-men movie, it was pretty good surprisingly. I like picking out the minor and background characters.
  8. I remember about 2 years ago my girlfriend got made redundant so my abit above minimum wage had to support us both. She got told by the job centre she wasnt eligible for any benefits at all, because i made a little over £1000 a month. My rent+council tax was £625 to start. Though we could just afford it i must say i wouldnt ever want to be put in that financial position again. I found it frustratingly boring, so many things cost money. Its easy to say you dont care and reminisce when you have a surplus or are not in need anymore. Money doesnt make you happy, it just makes it ALOT easi
  9. You should Say youll send half then once he sends you a picture of it painted youll send the rest.
  10. But you can help and you dont. Just because you can do something doesnt mean you have too. Why would god be any different, also ita pretty much covered under the whole free will thing.
  11. The argument "Yet terrible things happen to good people, therefore:If god is omnipotent and omniscient god must be evil, or at the very least indifferent.If god is benevolent then it must not be omnipotent." Never washed with me, so you see a homeless guy, you dont take him to your house wash him, feed him and give him a place to live. So you must be evil or indifferent to the homeless.
  12. I love the English language lyrics at euro vision. They sound like someone put cheesey music on shuffle and wrote down the song titles as lyrics, so disjointed. And there are always lyrics about space or flying.
  13. Reminds me of the time my letting agent cancel'd all my bills and put my flat on the market. Then didnt tell me when they realised it was the wrong flat. First thing i knew of it was recieveing end of contract bills.
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