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    USP Picture Thread

    So just a quick question here so I have not to make a whole new topic for this little question, but does anybody know if the grip size of the USP Compact is any different from the fullsize .45 pistol? I'm asking beacause I want to buy the compact version but only if the grip is a bit smaller than the one of the fullsize pistol. I guess it could be since the compact is originally chambered for 9mm and the fullsize is chambered for .45 thanks in advance
  2. Would be great to see this bandoleer worn. But so far it looks really professional.
  3. I especially love the extended usability of your bayonet.
  4. I guess you won't need an UTG M3 because you basically have one. Yours was just spanked with a different name.
  5. What is the cord on the right side of the gun for?
  6. I'm not a huge fan of Armalites, but this sir, is really nice.
  7. +1 Keep it like that, looks very nice.
  8. Does anyone of you guys know of an european based dealer who carries that belt?
  9. Maybe you should counter your screw with a nut but get the nut slightly embedded into the wood. You would only need to drill some Holes into the wood that are slightly smaller than your screws. Damn I suck at explaining in english. I've got a picture here of what I mean. I have made something similar with plastic handguards before and it came out pretty well and it was sturdy.
  10. That is pretty nice! Would you like to share a tutorial or the PSD, so I can learn to do that too?
  11. That is a really finde loadout. Do you mind telling me what's the vest you're using?
  12. Looks kind of small to me. How much stuff can you fit on this thing?
  13. Looks like some sort of hard wire looped around the shotgun trigger and brought back to the triggerguard of the M16. So the shotgun trigger is operable withoud changing your grip/ holding of your gun.
  14. All I wanted was a little punky looking usedlook but on some places I went a bit over the edge and ended up grinding away too much paint. Especially the area over the magwell looks too made up and not so much naturally worn. A little too punky for my taste But none the less I am pretty satisfied with my first usedlook. A littlebit of fake rust and my fake used AK is perfect. Maybe one of those RPK 74 Mags to top it off.
  15. Here some pics of my midget AK. I hope you like 'em. Now I just need to find a way to fake some rust on those spots that are a liitle bit too much scratched off. They stick out too much because of their shinyness. Edit: oh and some wood furniture is also planned. I just need to wait for some nice cherry wood to be delivered.
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