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  1. @Chevieblazer: it called X-camo not a new stuff, I saw it on a shelve for couple of years but it seem very unpopular.
  2. MC is not popular in HK? I don't do MC(yes, I'm not in those pics) so I don't know exactly but it very popular so there are plenty retailers here who sell MC stuff even genuine CP one. Ebay is still a good source for getting these gear btw.
  3. A group of multicam addicted people in my country
  4. another LiPo in hand grip Not mine but I think it's pretty good
  5. Seal Pics of my friends as VCs ARVN/US troops
  6. In my country, some retailer sell the CA 1911 for $35-40, but I later knew that they are non QC version(no engrave on slide) and its quality is cheap like its price, some work well but some are not. A regular price for (QC passed)CA 1911 in my country is $80, interesting price but I still stick to my trusted Bell 1911 anyway.
  7. My friend's team They were in BB loadout contest.(offcourse, they won)
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