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  1. Black Knight

    VFC HK416

    My VFC 416 is about 5 years old now. Solid externals with very nice HK-trades, standard version 2 internals. Buffer tube is threaded into the lower receiver, similar to Lonex M4's, so normal Marui/G&P/etc.-style buffer tubes do not fit. I have not removed the standard handguard or barrel nut, so I cannot comment on the upper receiver thread combatibility. Straight out of the box, I would replace the plastic hopup chamber and the auto-shimming gears, as these caused quite a lot of issues for me. However, my gun was purchased some time ago, so it is possible that current versions are better. I put a Lonex complete gearbox into mine, followed more recently by a Gate Titan, with zero issues. If you can live with weird/not-HK trademarks on the receiver, the Specna Arms 416 line is most definitely worth a look. I did some work a while back on my buddy's 416C and IMHO that's better bang for your buck.
  2. Black Knight

    stick pyro pouch?

    What about a pop flare pouch? http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p16743/FLYYE-Single-Pop-Flare-Pouch-Ranger-Green/product_info.htm
  3. Me too! Although being VFC, they probably make this with some weird proprietary parts... Aaaand those quickly prove to be prone to breaking under normal field use. Like the HK417 gearbox. I'm probably still going to buy one. And just cross my fingers that some aftermarket parts manufacturer is going to come to the rescue and fabricate expensive CNC'd replacements...
  4. Black Knight

    Redwolf M2 Browning

    I'd like to see someone lug this around on foot. You know, like Roadblock does in GI Joe.. (And yes, I mean the old comics, not the new movies...)
  5. Black Knight

    Redwolf M2 Browning

    Redwolf has an M2 Browning HMG on preorder: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/AEG_AEP_3D_MMP_3D_MMP_M2_Browning_Steel_Aluminum_AEG_Version.htm For under 2900$! What a bargain! Well...no. Price tag is pretty insane. Especially when you put it in context with the fact that someone who reallyreally want's an M2 on their Humvee, probably already has a scratch-built one.
  6. I have a 417 with the Retro gearbox and I have had no issues with it. Running just fine.
  7. Black Knight

    Navy SEAL Discussion/Pictures

    I spent time playing PD the other day and tried to look like a SEAL. Picture courtesy of Ilkka Vuorio. Couple more: http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f252/Mikan_oma/Varustekokonaisuudet/f2245440.jpg http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f252/Mikan_oma/Varustekokonaisuudet/f2278336.jpg Kitlist: BAE MICH 2001 + Wilcox L2G05 Peltor ComTac II + Nexus U94 PTT + Motorola SABER Oakley M-Frame Sweep Crye Gen II LBT 6094A + SAPI-plates + EI-pouches + FOBUS P226-holster + LBT-bladder pouch HK416* + EO551 + SF M600C + TD VFG* + AN/PEQ* + KAC-silencer* Oakley-gloves Oakley-boots VIP-light Replicas marked with an asterisk. I forgot the bb-shield on the torch and I'm also missing a few IR-lightsticks that I meant to bring along that day. Mags should be PMag's. The rifle has PTW-stock and the radio is not the correct model either. It has an MBITR antenna, though. S&S Manta would also be cool. It's still a WIP, so be nice..
  8. Black Knight

    Navy SEAL Discussion/Pictures

    farfromahero: Thank you! Pdubyuh & binarypunisher: Well, that was news to me. I always assumed it was GTX, because it keeps the moisture out and is breathable. Gotta learn something new everyday.. I recently found out that if I put SAPI-plates in my RAV, it fits a lot better. For me atleast. But it's still not the most breathable vest out there.
  9. Black Knight

    Navy SEAL Discussion/Pictures

    Yes, as Eizen kindly stated, jacket and trousers are an ORC PCU-uniform. It's a goretex outfit witch is a rather nice piece of kit. I used it in combination with a fleece "middle layer"-garment and while that kept me warm, the outer layer kept me dry. We had about -14 C that day and about 50cm of snow. I do need the gaiters, though. An ARPAT pattern ECWCS-outfit with a similar middle layer garment does the same job in keeping one warm and dry and it provides a bit better snow-camouflage effect. But of course that is a no-go in a SEAL impression.
  10. Black Knight

    Navy SEAL Discussion/Pictures

    Yep, knee pads are CB. Decided to try out the Bijans, witch are way better then the Hatch or BHI ones, but of course impression vice they are not correct.
  11. Black Knight

    Navy SEAL Discussion/Pictures

    A couple of pics from a PD-game a few weeks back. Took the CIRAS and the PCU out from the closet and tried to look like a SEAL. Kitlist: Polartec fleece-cap ESS NVG ORC PCU Intermediate Cold Weather-gloves G-Shock SABER + U-94 PTT Bijans-knee pads Danner Desert Eagle GTX-boots EI MLCS MAR-CIRAS(Ceradyne BALCS-soft armor + SAPI-plates) EI MLCS MBITR Pouch EI MLCS Double Mag Pouch EI MLCS Single Mag Pouch AI MLCS Canteen Pouch 2 x EI MLCS Single Frag Pouch EI MLCS Utility Pouch EI MLCS FB Single Pistol Mag Pouch AI MLCS Admin Pouch AI MLCS MAP SOG SEAL Pup Carabiner* Bungee cord* Rubber bands EI Duty Belt EI MLCS Leg Panel EI MLCS M60 Pouch EI MLCS Medical Pouch Safariland 6004 CQB-R* Aimpoint CompM2 SF M951 KAC-silencer* BHI-sling P226* SF P104 Replicas are marked with an asterisk(*). I could have left out the goggles, but maybe they are against the blowing snow.. Snowy environment doesn't go together well with the gear, although pics from the Cold Response-exercise does come to mind. I left my helmet home, since the gel padding becomes as hard as rock in the temperatures that we had that day. I also left my TASC-headset home for some reason, but I can't seem remember why.. And a pair of OR-gaiters are already on the way..
  12. Black Knight

    Support Weapon Pics

    Ok. I have two barrels for the Mk. The E4-style steel one, shown in the pics I posted and also the aluminium one with that fork-style flashhider. The A1 is a full steel kit, so of course it has a steel barrel also. And it's a pain to drag it around; all 9 kilograms(empty) of it..
  13. Black Knight

    Support Weapon Pics

    Amen to that, Lax! Is it a steel or aluminium barrel on your Mk43?
  14. Black Knight

    Support Weapon Pics

    Inokatsu Mk43/M60E4(almost full steel..) and her big bad brother, the Inokatsu Full Steel M60A1(regretably with an E3 pistol grip).
  15. Black Knight

    Support Weapon Pics

    Inokatsu Mk43.

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