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  1. Black Knight

    WE Makarov PMM

    I'll give it a try once the new nozzle arrives. Thank you very much for all the good info, kind sir!
  2. Black Knight

    WE Makarov PMM

    KY apparently has pretty nice customer service. I contacted them and within a few hours received a reply directing me to the correct item(it was listed as a nozzle assembly) on their website. Placed an order right away and ordered two while I was at it. Now I just have figure out how on earth I'm going to get the nozzle return spring installed back between the slide and the BBU. Does anybody have a good technique for that?
  3. Black Knight

    WE Makarov PMM

    Oh yea, the loading nozzle is cracked. Big crack on the side facing the slide, so it's pretty much impossible to see just by taking the slide of the frame. Any idea on where can I find replacements? Looked at KYairsoft, but they don't have part #48 listed at all..
  4. Black Knight

    WE Makarov PMM

    Yep. Travels maybe a couple centimeters..
  5. Black Knight

    WE Makarov PMM

    Found out something. Apparently the slide does not properly engage the valve knocker reset lever when it's travelling back. Going to have to investigate further.
  6. Black Knight

    WE Makarov PMM

    Well, I got my mak about a week ago.. ..and it's not working too great. Trigger pull produces one flying bb and empties pretty much all gas in one go, mostly blowing back from the action below the slide onto my hand on the pistol grip. After that one shot the gun and the magazine are both pretty cold. Any ideas on what might be wrong? I tried swapping out the barrel and bucking to a Maple Crazy Jet and Autobot, but the OEM parts looked to be slightly different, so I swapped the OEM parts back. Pretty sure I did not mess up anything, as there's maybe 5-8 parts involved after disassembly. And none were left on the table once I had the gun back together..😉 I also swapped the stock black grips into the WE fakelite ones, but no hicups there either. Any possible pits to fall into here..? I am also using Nuprol 4.0, as I live here in the cold north. Could the higher pressure cause a malfunction like this? When looking the trigger mechanism nothing seems broken or anything..
  7. Black Knight

    LCT EBB prototypes - MP5, SCAR H, M16, G3, CQBR

    Steel MP5? Don't bother with the recoil stuff, LCT, just take my money and make an SD6..😍
  8. Black Knight

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    Been drooling over this also..🤤 Pretty sturdy looking gearbox at 10:28. Looks like four gears, so no "standard version 2" gears for this one. Probably just an AEP-type gearset. Good looking bearings, though. Hopefully lot's of aftermarket support in the form of a GATE Titan and a neo-motor..🤗

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