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  1. Hi all. Are TM AEG compatible buffer tubes milspec or commercial? It's for a RS stock.
  2. AG1212

    Reducing FPS without impacting performance?

    Cheers man I'll check it out
  3. Hi all, I've an VFC FNX 45 that's hooting a bit hot, even with a standard barrel. Is there a good way of reducing the FPS without severely impacting FPS consistency? I'd like to avoid drilling holes as much as possible. I know you get discs that restrict gasflow for GBBR nozzles, would those work? Thanks.
  4. AG1212

    Tokyo Marui and Licensing

    I say let the market decide, and since CGs stocks have been going down and down, i think it's working. https://markets.businessinsider.com/stocks/cybergun_1-stock
  5. AG1212

    Tokyo Marui and Licensing

    That clears it up nicely, thank you
  6. Hi all, I got into a recent discussion about licensing trademarks in airsoft. I used TM as an example of a company that uses trademarks and produces products (glocks) without licesning agreements. They claimed that TM has licensing agreements for all their replicas. I know this isn't true for Glocks. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks.
  7. AG1212

    Marui news for the "TM Festival" next week

    I won't be selling my VFC FNX 45 for that, I've been using it for like 3 years now and it's still going and performs well with a new bucking. Without a steel/aluminium kit it's going to feel cheap and nasty like all TM pistols. I don't get all the hate the VFC gets.
  8. The fact that people can look at a hammer and sickle or a Che shirt and not be offended, but see anything WW2 German and throw a fit scares me. I'm not saying anyone here is like that, but you're right joe public sees things very differently, especially in the current political climate. Probably not the best optics. I think people should have the right to buy or wear anything, doesn't mean I won't think they're a tit though.
  9. Would you object to USSR Commissar Uniforms? Soviet memorabilia? Stalin mugs? It boggles my mind that people will find Nazi stuff in poor taste, but have no problem with Soviet stuff, when they are/were both horrid belief systems that committed countless crimes and were both anti-semetic.
  10. AG1212

    Bullpup PKP-Pecheneg

    Christ alive, some people will like this thing, some people are a fan of the RS. I'm sure the real steel was made for a reason, and considering there are videos and pictures of it in use with Russian forces, I'd wager it works for them. Purists make no sense, especially when it comes to airsoft,
  11. AG1212

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    That happens to me sometimes if short-stroke it or don't pump with enough force
  12. AG1212

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Putting a pistol brace on an airsoft gun boggles the mind, it's something any real gun owner would happily do away with if they legally could...might as well make a replica of a california compliant ar15 with non-removable magazines while you're at it.
  13. AG1212


    So any possibility of making the bolt full-travel? Also the receiver gap...that doesn't look like a lot, a lot of real rifles have receiver gaps like that, I don't think it's a big deal. Airsofters 🙄

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