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  1. Only for tea and crumpets

  2. Happy Birthday Typewriter, keep the custom pieces coming!

  3. That last one looks like it more of a video game type gun like what you would find in COD.
  4. Ugh, I was looking in the wrong section, no wonder I didn't see a picture thread. Sorry Guinness I missed that bit.
  5. Finally, a picture thread that was not made yet. Post all the pictures of you machine gun, SAW's, M60's, MG42's, anything.
  6. Me I don't know 7? I'm on google chrome, it also happens on the AOL search function.
  7. Guinness, what can't he do?

  8. I've been shot with a systema at a tactical training course, and they hurt. The instructor said you must not show pain when you get hit, then he hosed us from 35 ft. SLO-MAR you have a REALLY nice gun.
  9. Darn, I want to make one and I thought I would be unique.
  10. I know this post is old, and some of the newer posts are also old but,,,,,,,,,,, OMFG!!!11 Quid from an AMERICAN, WHAT DID BUSH DO TO YOU,,,,,,,,,,,, AND THE ECONOMY!!!!!!!!!!111
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