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  1. thx! Dude I fell in love with it the when I saw it popin' up at Begadi. It is just amazing, I never hold a gun that felt that comfortable. Check out my mini-review in the gas pistol section. But in a nutshell: Yeah, it performs just as great as any of my KWA/KSC guns. E: When you use the thumb break grip, you will embrace the AFG the first time you grap it.
  2. No fan of these full-auto Glocks, but they review is nicely done!
  3. These are the first pics of the 2-tone novak I've seen. Despite the design "flaws" mentioned above I like the looks of the gun. I wanted to buy it myself but the fact that it is a WE is keeping me from buying it.
  4. yeah these markings on the right have to be on the gun... But that exact same gun goes für $150 at many HK retailers WITHOUT the import markings of course. I posted small review in the Gas Pistol review section! http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...p;#entry2288498
  5. Yeah I compared the frames and the markings are absolutely correct! here are some pics of the interals: (that's not rust btw)
  6. My brandnew KSC Sig Pro 2022 (metal slide version)
  7. First impressions of the Sig SP2022 with metalslide. Bear with me and my poor english. I uploaded it at rapidshare. click me
  8. No kidding, the AFG is just made for the G36c, especially with the Frontslingmount. Looks like it's molded into the handguard. I'd take the side rails off though.
  9. BrooklynBorn: Yeah I remember. For some reason that tri-lug flashhider swings like a tuning fork every time you touch it and that becomes kinda annoying over time
  10. Is that real wood? Looks very nice. Well, your work does too of course!
  11. In the WE thread? The WE M4A1 I guess.
  12. yeah and I bought mine when it first came out, so this is the shiny black version without markings. But I won't buy a WE again, so I won't "upgrade" Maybe swithin over to the KWA when it turns out to be any good.
  13. Well it's a WE, so no markings....
  14. Well, this is as final as it gets right now. Replaced the mbus with the Troys. They're just way more low profil. Throw some XTM camo in the mix and here we are.
  15. Quick shot of my marushin M500. Simple greatness imo. (Well, the M500 in general of course)
  16. Very nice review. Looks really nice without the rails.
  17. Did you screw in the setscrews for the extractor all the way or is there any excessive material around the drillings. I have a PGC on my GLock 19 and it is nothing but great. Runs very smoothly (even with the sharp edged chamber) and has 0 wobble whatsoever.
  18. Ambi Fireselector!! in semi/fullauto and semi- only
  19. very nice, jar|-|ead. Perfect.
  20. That's so nice and clean, well, well done sir!
  21. Did you ever try to sneak your GBBR into class?
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