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    Collecting gear. (all in the past now)

    Photography is where it's at!
  1. I once ordered stuff from greygrouptraining when it was in stock. But since their stock status isn't updated automatically, the items weren't actually in stock. So this is probably the same situation. But greygrouptraining did admit the said item wasn't in stock at least.
  2. The FAST helmet replicas are being made, but aren't sold yet AFAIK.
  3. tomster

    Chin Grab.jpg

    In Russia YOU shave razor!
  4. Very nice work man, enjoyed reading it. Got myself an M3X + switch too! Thanks again!
  5. Maybe not cheap, but so nice! Is that khaki or ranger green? It's kind of hard to tell.
  6. Angry jesus! Your eyes look like this : -.-
  7. Just FYI an MBSS is not a chest rig, it's a plate carrier.
  8. Safety lanyard to secure yourself in the chopper.
  9. Holy ######, a real MARS sight? That must have cost a pretty penny!
  10. Ranger attempt, some inconsistencies still like color of the MICH, need some Scarpa Kailash boots and different gloves. I have some tan Oakley gloves too, but I think Rangers are issued the black ones only.
  11. Thanks for the advice Pkekyo, will try it. Yours looks spot on IMO for an Astan loadout.
  12. What was the base coat? OD, then grey then black?
  13. Pkekyo, was your MICH black when you bought it? If not, how did you spray it to get it that color?
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