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  1. Tarr

    Your favorite silenced pistols

    There is the new kid on the block with NBB pistols - ICS now has a NBB Makarov with a silencer, only downside (to me atleast) is it takes CO2.
  2. Tarr

    Popular culture inspired collection and loadouts

    Oh okay, thats why it was confusing me. It looked like a complete railed dust cover but those usually replace the rear irons. Great job again! Hopefully i'll have something of my own to contribute to this thread soonish
  3. Tarr

    Popular culture inspired collection and loadouts

    That 74 a gbbr? Mind sharing which dust cover that is? Love the look of that and the SU!
  4. Tarr

    FN Picture Thread

    With a sneaky VFC MP7 mag under it?
  5. Tarr

    E&C Full Marking AR15s and HK416s

    Some of these seem to be available in Europe now on AirsoftPro, decent pricing aswell.
  6. Tarr

    Select fire conversion for M249

    Well there is no easy way to do this, the A&K gbox was never intended to have this feature. A Gate WARFET wouldnt work. You have to have some way to detect a cycle and the WARFET depends on the cutoff lever to do that. Since a cutoff doesnt have anything to "cut off" like in a v2 gearbox the only real option is a custom fitted computerised mosfet that uses microswitches to detect a cycle. It can be done if you are determined enought but bottom line it's probably more efficient to just get a sidearm for those cqc moments, getting a mosfet that can do this and modifying it would cost about the same
  7. Tarr

    Select fire conversion for M249

    Most programmable mosfets detect the one turn of the sector gear with a microswitch against the little nub that normally moves the cutoff lever. You could adapt a mosfet to the m249 layout for the cutoff function. Same goes for the selector switch, its just a microswitch that needs to be tripped, the safety bar could do that if you place it right. Shame there is no ready made solution for this as far as i know but it can be done with a bit of soldering and tinkering.
  8. Tarr

    Select fire conversion for M249

    G&P M249s are based on V2 gearboxes. You could probably add semi auto functionality there with ease. If you allready have an A&K it's still possible with a programmable mosfet, no way to add a physical switch tho.
  9. Tarr

    SMG Picture Thread

    May I ask where you bought it from? I saw Begadi has them but their price is insane.
  10. Tarr

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    Do you only buy Mercedes/Ford cars? I mean everyone else is just copying their ICE engine and manufacturing method right? So you should buy the originals. Do you ever buy generic meds from a pharmacy? Basically any electronic device in the market today? Nearly everything today could be considered a copy of something else or beeing based on something another compay made. If you feel like over paying royalties for a 25+ year old design that has been adapted and modded god knows how many times then do, no one is stopping you. But its silly to expect everyone to think it is a superior choice when it clearly is not. We should probably stop with this or move to another thread before we all get a smack from an admin for going offtopic
  11. Tarr

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    In what world is affordable equipment bad for a hobby? I get that by Swedish standards a TM may seem affordable but even in most euro countries it's just poor value for money compared to anything really. As for the last part of your post, some of us care about like yknow.. eating, paying bills and stuff.. not if the box our toy gun came in says TM on it. I fail to even see what your point there is. Why would TM be so deserving of beeing picked over anything else with better value?
  12. ^^This. It's a very very easy mistake to make for someone who wears prescription glases btw. I nearly did it myself once, buddy warned me before we left the safezone, seen people do it atleast twice before aswell.. You warn the guy when you spot it, no need for a lynching. Doodoo happens.
  13. Tarr

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    Is it just me or does he say 340ish fps with a .12 in that desert fox vid?
  14. Tarr

    Custom Gear

    Do you mean this one? It's a custom made thingy we use as our team patch. It is just a design printed on the back of black hook velcro. Courtesy of Torserus.
  15. Tarr

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Sweet, thank you! Not for the purists but i quite like how that fits with the gun, almost like it was meant to be. Well done.

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