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  1. The fuse needs to be in the circuit before the "drain" element. Thats why its always on the positive wire and the first element in the circuit. If you need to relocate it you could use a longer wire and put the fuse wherever you want it to be. Not ideal but better than a fuse on the return part of the circuit. That beeing said I remove all the fuses in my RIFs and have yet to actually destroy anything. Just don't force things when something is clearly wrong with the RIF and you won't be causing fires. Or alternatively use a mosfet that has a built in fuse.
  2. Personally when I think futuristic camo what comes to mind is digital. Have you checked out PenCott patterns? And US4CES? Neither is in widespread general use as far as I know and both look quite modern imo. Alternatively you could go all solid colour aswell. Ranger green clothing combined with coyote looks snazzy AF and could easily pull off the scifi look with it.
  3. I'm from Slovenia, can confirm the pictures OP posted looks basically the same as our forests. Marpat works very well here, M81 woodland is good for the greener times of the year. Flecktarn is quite good aswell. If you want to go more "futuristic" with your camo the kryptek you picked would work well during the green months. As for gear coyote/khaki is more apropriate for the entire year, OD is okay in the summer. In the end it doesn't really matter as long as you are wearing something remotley apropriate so pick what is cooler looking to you. Concealment is more in what you do rat
  4. Oh okay, thats why it was confusing me. It looked like a complete railed dust cover but those usually replace the rear irons. Great job again! Hopefully i'll have something of my own to contribute to this thread soonish
  5. That 74 a gbbr? Mind sharing which dust cover that is? Love the look of that and the SU!
  6. With a sneaky VFC MP7 mag under it?
  7. May I ask where you bought it from? I saw Begadi has them but their price is insane.
  8. Tarr

    Custom Gear

    Do you mean this one? It's a custom made thingy we use as our team patch. It is just a design printed on the back of black hook velcro. Courtesy of Torserus.
  9. Sweet, thank you! Not for the purists but i quite like how that fits with the gun, almost like it was meant to be. Well done.
  10. Awsome collection there! That PP19 looks mighty interesting with that stock, would it be possible to get a pic of just that perhaps?
  11. Thank you for the compliment, means a lot coming from someone as detail crazy as yourself A picture of the "tool" in case anyone is interested. As described just a nail with some grooves cut into the head of it.
  12. I took a nail that fit into my soldering iron and cut grooves into the head of it with a small triangular file. I then sanded a flat bit into the side of the head just big enough to allow me to stipple the straight borders with it aswell. Shoot me a PM to remind me and i can take pic of it for you if you wish.
  13. My very first attempt at stippling, it has some rough patches but I'm still quite pleased with how it turned out. The frame seems to have some metal flakes mixed into the plastic so it gave me some trouble in certain areas of it..
  14. As far as i know the only difference with ICS is the back end of the reciever is slightly longer than normal, actual stock attachment should be the same as with others or minimally different? Not 100% on this tho. http://www.taiwangun.com/en/stocks-and-accesories/stock-for-m15-m4-a-c-m?from=listing&campaign-id=14 something like this is what i am talking about.
  15. @Liquid_Snake you dont have to compromise for a sidefolding stock vs. a collapsible one if you grab one of the LR300 stocks.
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