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  1. few new pics, along with some of my friends cars the black civic is mine.
  2. yeah i think im gonna be going with some TEIN springs, 1.9" inches in the front and 1.7 in the back, there Alot of things i want but it might take me awhile to get everything lol. nice choice of rims, too bad youre not in the U.S i could give you some sites with Dirt cheap Rim/Tire packages
  3. hahah i wish i had a type-r, even if i could find one, im too poor to afford one, im only 16 lol.
  4. lol, i didnt put them on, the dude before me did, i thought the same thing when i saw the car online, they look alot better in person though, trust me.
  5. 1996 Honda Civic EX 1.6L Vtec, Mods coming soon!!!!
  6. you can mount the G&P m203 without mounting it over the front barrel cant you? or maybe thats a different m203 im thinking about, anyways, Looks good, nice and simple
  7. really nice!!! i wanna get a TM hi capa 5.1 sometime in the future, and get all Full metal parts, but then again there are alot of guns i want to get.
  8. sweet pics. interesting how none of you use CIRAS/RAV or plate carriers, nice to see some teams still using tac vests though.
  9. heres my pretty simple KWA Glock 17 with a Z-5 Tac Light and a hogue Rubber grip
  10. boiled it for about a minute or two, then grabbed each end with plyers and a wrench and just twisted extremely hard until it came off. and i sanded it down and repainted it.
  11. CA M15 S.P.C -Systema M120 Spring -Reinforced Bushings -Systema M4 363mm 6.04 Tightbore -LayLax Nitro Bipod Rail mount -Rock Mount Harris Style 6-9" Bipod -Vertical Grip -Falcon Industries Rail Covers -HK G36K Style Flash Hider -Leapers 4x32 Reticle illuminated Mil-Dot Scope
  12. My babies CA M15 S.P.C KWA Glock 17
  13. no the G36KV wich is made in norway under licsense from HK is only used by certain units, the G3A3 is standard issue.
  14. how do you like the revision? im thinking about buying one as my next gun, is it reliable? how does it shoot? thanks
  15. got my bipod on my gun yesterday just waiting on my CA36K flash hider and ill take some pics.
  16. if youre in the military then yes, if youre a civi than no, firearm laws are pretty strict there.
  17. hmmm, i guess i see it now, i think its the angle that makes it look like the sling is part of the upper receiver. looks like he took off the side rails too im guessing? heres the same rail system.
  18. anyone know what the guy on the bottom right has on his G3? the front end looks completely different than the normal G3A3 front end
  19. is that a paintball gun barrel? WTF?
  20. a little bit of tan actually works great in a wooded area as well
  21. wow thats a kick a$$ picture, looks real
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