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  1. I keep finding reference to the same one that seems to be discontinued. My 86 is basically dead until I find one or manage to make my own.
  2. The female is human, ya plebs. And yes, I do struggle with people so it was quite the accomplishment, for me, don't take that away.
  3. I finished my nerf flamer, spoke to an actual female, and my new job is working with robots. Coolness.
  4. I've had something in the post for over 3 months now, given up on it completely.
  5. Actually yes, you are correct there. The A1 had a few different mag release styles but when they introduced the A2 there was a metal piece welded to the outside to protect it. There are also variants of the trigger that changed over the years so you might find A1s with different triggers but all the A2s have the same later design trigger.
  6. The L86 has a longer barrel than the L85. The 'A2' refers to an upgrade to the real firarms that was mostly internal, the only feature on an airsoft gun that's different is the charing handle. I also have the ICS L86 and it's fantastic other than the hop, over the years that plastic arm has given me so many problems with range. I've been looking at a metal replacement, but havn't found one yet.
  7. This is ideal, a feature I've been looking forward to Thanks Arnie!
  8. It's possible. Very common for non-firing shots to be filmed with replicas, especially when filming the scene over multiple days they only need to hire the firearms safety guy for the blankfirers for one day.
  9. Photobucket is dead, I've already deleted my account.
  10. It's so good a film it doesn't even have an IMFDB page.
  11. Knowing RC he probably made a mini can forge to smelt down blue PVC into actual bakelite, because screw how science works this is RC we're talking about.
  12. You know how sarcastic I am 99% of the time, right?
  13. You're right, I've been here so long. Too long. Please excuse me whilst I delete my account and join all the Facebook groups, that's where the communi..... yea, no. Facebook is a TERRIBLE forum for online discussion, a 'forum' forum is a far better forum for a community. People come and go, but with the 100 post limit for sales it really limits how many comers we get and we're still having the goers as people leave the sport for whatever reason. I'm more in favor of removing the limit altogether, but if it were to stay, but with a reduced number, it would have to be closer to 25 or even 15
  14. That's because when the moderators speak, I listen.
  15. Unfortunately that would require a lot of interaction from mods/admins and that is the main reason behind all this, the 100 post limit is automated, and the reduction in sales issues clears a lot of working hours for the mods to do other things.
  16. I'm still in two minds about this. We used to have problems in the sales section until the 100 limit came along and I've not heard of any issues since (There probably have been some, but significantly fewer). But the trend of Facebook'softers who don't want to put in the effort of joining a community like a forum for long enough is going to, and has been, strangling the forum of new members. Keeping it protects us, but it also turns us into the internet equivalent of a gated community. Removing it completely gives us the influx of new airsoft proletariat and the opportunity to grow again.
  17. That's the right way of doing it. Mine is still a bundle of parts in a bag waiting to be modified. Interesting choice of flash hider, not exactly period accurate.
  18. Don't be silly, he'd have that many 1911 variants
  19. I'm starting small, but it clears out a box or two. Now I need more... MORE!
  20. ^.^ I miss you too, my fellow M3 shotgunner.
  21. That's from about the time I got into airsoft, I'll have to find the receipt for my academy SA80 because I went to the Werkz the week after I bought it, for my first game. I remember H_M and G_R, I spoke to both of them more on here than in real life :/. Same with most players.
  22. It's perfect, I'll take two!
  23. 0o0 Can I have one? They're awesome!
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