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  1. KSC G19 and TM FiveseveN are both currently sold retail for about £130, so second hand sale even in pristine condition is going to be £90-100. The upgrades on the G19 probably wont increase that price by much unless you happen to find someone who was already interested in those exact upgrades.
  2. Used to run these commonly at Eletrowerkz, First game of the month was "hardcore night" and the last game was "oldschool night". Hardcore night encouraged boxmags, mostcarts and thunderflashes* And the Oldschool night had quite a few limits but mainly no moscarts, and a maximum carried 300 BBs per player. This ammo limit included all equipment, pistol mags, speedloaders and the rest. Bear in mind this is an extremely tight CQB site and you would be in contact for pretty much the whole gametime, and each game would be 10-30 minutes depending on what gametype was being played. 300 rounds was f
  3. Royal Mail prohibit pressure containers, even if empty, and they have destroyed components even though that's not against their rules specifically. People who send stuff with whatever ritual are banking on RM not checking the package. Other couriers may have different rules so you'll have to look those up.
  4. Polycarb is the way to go. I salvaged the visor from a 'used' motorbike helmet and fitted that to my torch back in the Eletrowerkz days, that thing got hit *a lot* and never showed any signs of cracks. Just unthread the original glass, cut the polycarb to fit, and thread it back in.
  5. I think buying airsoft guns will not be an issue for any of us but rather how we'll loose the human rights act and then the right to vote.
  6. So long as it works, and you have a few mags, a TM 552 is going to be just fine. Don't get caught up in *needing* the latest and greatest. power limits are still basically the same, most players still can't set a hop properly and TMs always had decent range to begin with. That said there's a crazy selection of cool stuff if you do want to get new kit. I've not been keeping up to date all that well (except for shotguns )
  7. A fellow 'werkzer, nice :D. Electrowerkz closed in 08, Janno tried to get another site setup in london but nothing really stuck (some great games happened in some interesting places though :D)
  8. Paint it? Or hmm. Is it load bearing? I remember I designed a 3d model for the normal TM 1911 barrel, so if this is similar I could adapt it to fit (or design from scratch)
  9. Literally any 1911 variant. I've had... gak, what 6 or 7 of them? I also quite like the hicappa but the mag incompatibility stops me from moving over (basically I'm poor and can't buy any mags right now) Essentially the only real thing that the 1911 gives that other TM pistols don't is the trigger movement. Almost all triggers in all airsoftguns/firearms are rocking triggers, and that's just not how my fingers work. The 1911 is an inline trigger, and that is a movement my finger can match. I also had a play with the ye olde TM Desert Eagle not long ago, very very nice. If only for the
  10. I thought you said PIAT and got excited...
  11. Video Name : Do tac gloves affect shooting? Objective item(s) : Testing if wearing gloves affects the ergonomics of pistol shooting Weapon(s) :TM 1911a1 Video Length : 20min
  12. They are often the cheapest thing the manufacturer could outsource. Not always, but often. They are probably intended to be worn when plinking to protect from ricochets rather than direct shots. I would always recommend a full seal goggles rather than 'shooting glasses' as I have seen too many times a shot will come in from an angle (like when you raise your head to shout "hit") and hit around the eye/eyelid/the eye directly.
  13. You don't need an app for 'socially distanced games', you don't need a physical object to be your objective. That's trivial. What you need is to think about your safezone, that's where your players will be closest together.
  14. No idea, we were in to buy it all just as lockdown started, but OP hasn't responded since.
  15. OP hasn't been online in over a week. I'm planning to buy everything (between a few friends) so if he does respond and sell to me I'll split those out for you if there are any.
  16. How about this brand new 'high performance' pistol.
  17. Or make it a single shot, but with the original magazine and blowback unit. (maybe take the feedlips off). Make an extractor and it might even eject properly. then you chuck in another shell and hit the slidelock.
  18. We're heading to the outpost on 12th may. y'all nerds welcome to join us. We'll see if 'Sentinel' are good game organisers.
  19. Anyone want to play within a handful of KM of Milton Keynes? Could get another meetup going.
  20. I didn't stop playing because I got old, I stopped playing because I don't have any friends to go anywhere with.
  21. I remember it well, it was July 9, 2006 when you joined (No I didn't look it up on your profile, what you talkin bout?) joined. one of 5 users. It's a start.
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