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  1. Hey, sorry its been so long for me to reply busy working alot, aye ill try and see if i can get an evening off work as im on split shifts at the moment, cheers.


  2. Hi mate

    Iv changed my regular game days to an evening during the week most prob every tuesday evening, thought id give you a heads up if thats any easier than a weekend game :)



  3. im very glad i got a HP version, im handy with a gearbox so when my bits get out of customs it will have a Rof much more appropriate for it. as for the ares version, usually im happy to deal with the poor internals for the nice externals but the complete lack of compatibility with non ares parts (hop unit &gearbox case) makes it a no brainier for me. HP takes off the shelf parts.i see that as only being good..bespoke parts are retarded. Im amazed at how much press Ares and the other big gun names are getting these days,on youtube and then subsequently forums, since the ares came out hard
  4. well it only split more where it hit ontop of the crack, the rest of the goggles look fine, so mabe just your one was duff with having the crack in it.
  5. in the uk cyma g18's dont really seem to drop in value hardly at all on the 2nd hand market, they go for about £45 new and sell for pretty much the same,they are great little guns to use, i still prefer gas pistols though, its the noise that makes people jump in suprise i like most...sneaky fun heheh
  6. my 2 ibanez 7 strings, one stock the other with a stealth pro sustainer and a dimarzio X2N in the bridge. got an s470dxqm in the blue moon burst with a full evolution set but i havent played it for months so looking to sell it as i always reach for my 7's now. got a zr7 trem and some other parts sitting about waitng for jaden to finish his promo work and build me a custom body 7 wish hsh and the zr7 trem plus some oher fun things like midi and a proximith wah hidden in one of the horns
  7. ive got a grippod on it now, makes using it in the prone posiion very easy again now, i did have a folding one but it didnt feel as comfy to me
  8. hey someone else put a rail on! i did that back in the summer as i have long arms and dont like the pistol grip on the ag36, i went for a full rain the whole way for futre gubbins if need be, old pictures now but very similar st the moment just moved the laser to the side tis the big baddy in the rear, grip pod ftw! and jsut for the hell of it because i could and i had a long rail
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