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  1. How are the new 715's compared to the older Wessons ? Just picking up shooting again and the new range may be more exotic than just 10m Match so curious to build quality of the 4.5mm version pistols for possible speed shooting/competition use. Still got my price western rig and safariland jets from the airsoft wesson i had a few years back. It does seem that spare sears and cylinder latch/star are easier to get now as the old cylinder lock up and cycle sears where short lived with heavy use.
  2. Another pistol primary player good man, keep up the stirling work.
  3. Ditch the silencer, add maybe a FAB Defense grip/magwell and a handfull of 40rd mags and some nice .30 bb's and i would primary that 1911 Do like the iron sights, nice work, very nice as have it.
  4. AK needs a hello kitty sticker to be complete Looking at your Sig pic and at that photo....... makes sense I have a question though, other players get the right hump when they get capped at range by a pistol, do players you bag also have to leave and avoid forums for a week to avoid ridicule from team mates and so called friends. Keep up the outstanding maverick work old chap
  5. My 4" wessy fits in a 2.5" Python price western shoulder holster, barrel sticks out the bottom a bit
  6. tis on internetz O-ring fixed hop conversion for Wessys (short version) AEG barrel, chop bit off to length required. Machine down/grind down/file down the muzzle end of barrel as a spring has to slip over it, this becomes clearer when you remove the stock alloy barrel. Test fit for spring fittment and outer diameter of your chosen brass barrel will fit inside the forcing cone (barrel to cylinder interface) Then a few mil in from the breech end, cut a 1mm X 1mm groove around the diameter of the barrel (or thereabouts) cut through the barrel to make a window for the o-r
  7. Holster wise, just a cheap Viper molle hip holster works fine, your 6" will poke out the bottom a bit, i also have an old price western quick draw shoulder holster and a double speed loader pouch. As i got them about 20 years apart the shades of brown don't match.....but who cares, still looks good. I bought a job lot of jets and some pouches. Got another Wesson owner who had inert .357/.38specials test fit them in the Wesson Jets, they fit. The Seidler jets are slightly to large in diameter to fit into the cylinder, they foul on the frame. Shells fit fine. Safari land Jets,
  8. Owner of these is looking at a PPK next. Had them in for a service and fix up, thought i would share the love with the Walther thread. All been in storage for well over a year, all been used hard and played, knocked and dropped, last outing the dodgey batch of zero one green gas was used and the two GBB's just both stopped working, all gunged up internally. See if i could get them going again. Maruzen P99 fixed slide, with silencer rather elegant piece to use, lightweight, compact, trigger pull is lighter than a TM MK23, a fraction of the size maybe not as playable, but for
  9. notrabies, the hammer spring mod is real easy, however you can't buy a direct power drop spring. It's trial and error. The spring can be clipped down a bit, then use small washers to fine tune output. A chrono will be needed. My box stock 4" chrome was doing 380+ my first spring change went to 460fps, my next was down to 250, my next was 300, then added a 1mm washer to bring it back to 320-340 area, average around 330. The spring is not far off those found in biro pens, i just gathered a pile of random springs and mixed and matched until i got my required drop in FPS.
  10. After logging off last night i went a googling. Ta for the photos chaps i was a bit off in spelling and country, but then i watched a subtitled version on VHS video back in 1997 so not too bad a memory for me. So it's a French film and it's two "n" for spelling. I reckon moving pictures are better to show off this revolver in action, and Monica Bellucci getting a bit lewd with a shotgun and thats only the first several minutes..... Found a german dubbed version on you tube and the movie trailer, so get to watch it again for free but in german trailer. www.youtube.c
  11. Took me 30 mins of file work to get my lower rail to fit, did yours just slip straight on Shardik ? Mine was fitted then back in the box, where it will lurk and wait..... Top rail went on in a jiffy. Glad i gave up on TM doing something and picked the same 4" shiny one as you have as well Reminds me of a german film i saw years ago, think it was called "Doberman" chap in that had a large revolver with a custom rocket launcher under the barrel, like a mini M203. He kept the rockets in a cigar case with his cigars, dead classy like been looking at the shells for these ne
  12. shoot through a cow allright then tested my DE tri-shot with 3rd shot, got 720fps...from a stock DE, actual game test is on a single BB so back down to 280, chrono can't cope with multi spread particles/vapour clouds. Which is handy to know when chrono testing your CO2 Revolvers see i steered it back to revolvers there, while we wait for Shardiks photo to appear
  13. Picture not showing for me Shardik. Some feedback on Dan Wessons. Played mine now, chrono testing was interesting. Box stock pistol 4" Wesson was doing 380-400fps as expected. Couple of hammer spring changes and down to a much safer 300 area. Had a lot of non-readings (tote on Xcortech) on my Madbull V1, but was getting fairly stable readings around the 300fps mark with some spikes to 330. Site chrono test on Xcortech, readings from 250 up to 450, a 200fps variation, test repeated on all 3 chronos, same results. I am aware that Madbulls can be fussy with gas blowbac
  14. wouldn't call quality like that a necro Looks nicely done indeed.
  15. Took a while, but got there in the end. The playable one is the shiny 4" Dan Wesson, now running more around the 300fps mark than the 400fps mark so now playable. Gone with swapping out hammer springs over trying the power down shells, no chance of mixing up a full power shell. Had a random job lot of jet loaders and pouches, Safari land jets work fine, the Seidlers don't work, a bit to wide, the grip could be altered, but i had 3 seidlers and 4 Safarilands, +some ASG Wesson ones. Had to put a red dot on, but as theres no hop i will be running iron sights, until i decide to a
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