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  1. seth

    Revolver Picture Thread

    IronWolf, The Redhawk's more of stable long range performer with .45 BBs. .34s are fine up to around 50 feet, then half the time they begin to swerve. Firefox, oh yes, I'm stalking you. In fact as I'm typing this I'm outside your bedroom window on my laptop, watching you sleep....so peacefully Silent, the M10 is one of the best performing revolvers I've ever used, due to Tanaka's new design that addresses the poor hopup and barrel to cylinder alignment issues older models had. The M10 is fairly consistent in mid-300s FPS (can't say the exact number due to forum rules, right?) and is dead-on accurate at pistol ranges (10-40 feet). I wrote a review on it on this forum if you're interested....
  2. seth

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Didn't Leon use a Raging Bull? Anyway, the Python and Anaconda look nice, but are nearly useless in double action, and with the Anaconda, the gas transfer tube is molded into the grip frame. This means, if you use green gas, you risk rupturing it and cracking the frame.... Again, great showpieces and plinkers with 134A. Poor for skirmishing. The revolvers I know to last a while on green gas are the Redhawk and Blackhawk. DirectorCass (on this forum) has been using his Bull on green gas, but his gas transfer ruptured. Was later fixed with some JB-weld, but if this happens in the Anaconda, you're looking at a destroyed frame.
  3. seth

    Revolver Picture Thread

    You are correct. Double action means each pull of the trigger cocks the hammer AND releases it onto the gas release valve. Single action, like on the Marushin Ruger Blackhawk and the Tanaka SAA series, means you cock the hammer manually for every shot, and release the hammer by pulling the trigger. If you are truly looking for a quality shell loader revolver, look no further than the Marushin Blackhawk in silver, 7.5 inch. It's by far one of the highest quality airsoft revolvers I've used, and loading the shells is a pure joy.
  4. seth

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Why, thank you! Madison?
  5. seth

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Marushin RedHawk .44 Magnum, 7.5 inch Heavyweight model.
  6. seth

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Yes you can, Marushin makes both. They're not the best skirmish weapons due to the horrible double action, but they're more than good enough for showpieces/plinking.
  7. seth

    Revolver Picture Thread

    There are no metal frames for it (yet), and yes, you can mount a scope. One way to do this is buy an aluminum weaver rail from Smith and Wesson for the real-steel.
  8. seth

    Revolver Picture Thread

    http://www.airsoftretreat.com/forums/topic...?TOPIC_ID=72375 Above is my review of the 2.5 inch snub nosed M66. A HUGE improvement in technology over the older models of revolvers Tanaka has put out, with decent accuracy at 20 feet (provided hopup is tuned down). I'm looking to attain a 4 inch M66 soon to see if the accuracy and power improved by a large amount with the increase in barrel length. As for right now though, for maximum power and accuracy/consistency, I would recommend the M500. I have a review of it on ASR as well- it's the most accurate revolver I've ever fired, and Tanaka fixed many of the "barrel alignment," hopup, and design issues in this model. Anyway, here are a few pics of my custom M500: Tanaka Smith and Wesson M500 X frame 8.25 Barrel •Smith and Wesson Rosewood K-frame grips •SDM Fabricating red fibre optic front sight •Smith and Wesson .126 pure black rear sight blade kit •Adjusted leaf spring and hopup for .25 Excel BBs custom M29 CQB model on the way...will put up pics when the parts and gun come in this week

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