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  1. POT HOLES! ARGHHHHHH Now i dont know what its like where everyone else lives but i live in quite a rural area and let me tell you the council are complete and utter wankers... the weather throughout christmas has completely knackered the roads leaving pot hole after pot hole which are quite literally unavoidable in some parts. I've had my car for 2 years now and have had no problems with it, but in the last week i've had a bit of *suitcase* in my life which left me less aware of things i spose and has left me victim of said pot holes. My exhaust is making a nice caughing noise and theres s
  2. I'm really tempted by the idea of using these on a blackhawk! strike bandolier for a high speed high maneuverability loadout, would you whole heartedly recommend them ?
  3. I think the lesson here is that as good as G&P may be when making airsoft weapons where they fail is when moving to accessories such as optics and illumination devices etc, or should i say it is very hit and miss with them as they seem to just rebrand some cheapsoft on occasion which although it may give them some short term profit it also means people are less likely to buy their own higher end stuff.
  4. I've just decided to get another deagle, unfortunately the only ones i can see popping up second hand at the moment are black and i'd love a chrome one but i've sorted out 5 mags for it so far at Ā£8 a mag i had a pair of these around february and then invested in a TM P226, an amazing gun and far more skirmishable but i just fancy another deagle as i've spent many a skirmish using a pistol only and what better pistol to use as a primary than a deagle
  5. I'm not sure whats worse, the fact that it no longer looks like an AK or that i really really want one i saw the Echo1 version on airsoftgi recently and it really made me consider pimping out an AK Magpul style, the new magpul beta mags are one of the main reasons i'm tempted to get another AK
  6. I'll be interested to see the full review on it in terms of field testing however a few of my mates were looking at getting these and as much as i enjoyed my WE PDW and would like one of these i had kind of decided it wasnt for me, however seeing the G&P kitted WE G39K i think i may have to save some cash up in the new year
  7. i had the Marushin SSB Shorty and can cnfirm it fired 3 8mm BB's per rack, how much did you fill it up, i found the best way to know it was full would be to fill it up to the gap and then remove 2 or 3 bb's and this was fine.
  8. I took my P226 outside with me for a bit of a blast while i was having a smoke the other day and it fired brilliantly... then i put it down on my bench to take a call and forgot about it, for 5 or so hours, during this time it had begun snowing and i came outside after said 5 hours to find a very soggy and sorry looking p226 on the bench waiting to greet me when my habit needed feeding once more. After panicking and wiping the snow off i ran upstairs and grabbed my speedloader, came back outside, said 3 hail mary's and prayed 3 times to the east whilst wearing a very small hat, and to my surpr
  9. I've been following this for a while with the intention of getting one for events such as the stirling ones where role play is a factor, however i've since changed my mind as its obvious that if half the airsoft community know its not much of a secret weapon anymore :S
  10. Have to agree with 1st commando on this, i had the 'displeasure' of seeing this first hand at the recent airsoft arms fair and was even more dissapointed than i initially thought i would be, the original design gripped me completely and this is just a travesty
  11. Unless your friend is Arnold Swarzennegger about 30 years ago i would suggest he handles one first, if possible see if someone will let him use it for a short amount of time on a game day, i had the same initial feelings towards the M200 "wow thats huge and impressive" but yeah thats all it is, it has zero skirmishability as the range/accuracy of it is aweful and it weighs so much that its nigh on impossible to shoot in anything other than the prone position.
  12. I was able to see this first hand at the recent Airsoft Arms fair at gunman airsoft, although many will undoubtedly like the new design i feel very letdown that the original design was not kept, i was very fond of the A&K Masada and would have liked to see magpul retain this design, i think if i'm going to get a Masada it will be the A&K variety.
  13. Snow in march, thats what really annoys me! i'm just more and more convinced of the world ending in 2012 with all the stuff happening lately
  14. Going to expand on what i first wrote as it was a little brief. I own one of these and have it fitted to a G&G UMP, it came with the UMP when i bought it second hand and although i'm not overly keen on sights for AEG's due to the range etc i absolutely love this scope. Firstly it looks the part in my opinion, aesthetically and build quality wise this is a real top end piece of kit In terms of use it has an adjustable red dot, basically turn the dial to increase the intensity of the red dot so it can more easily be seen in daylight hours as i've found a lot of red dot scopes
  15. thanks for the review, i'm looking for a shotgun at the moment and i'll give this some thought.
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