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  1. I began in 2001 and am quite in a hyatus since 2010, I'm known here mainly for the years spent in the chatroom Cheers and regards pals !
  2. Testing new gear, EI H-Harness I'm not limited to multicam, I have BDU, DCU, TAN, PCU... But still, no inspiration
  3. Lax


    Ratech custom and G&P Woc DMRs
  4. I bought a vpr magpul sniper and I love its look ! First bad new, ehobby shipped it to me with the bolt carrier / nozzle plastic clip broken... Second bad new the bolt stop has a little part moving that completely locks my bolt backwards and I have to press on it through the window to reset... Third bad new, only my g&p black pmags fit to the magwell ! I can't understand why my FDE pmags and g&p standard mag are not fitting ! That's a lot, but since I always had issues with GBBR before using them and since this G&P has a great finish and is nearly ready to play, I'm happy.
  5. Ratech, available at their shop or at ehobby i.e.
  6. The fox video was fun indeed ! Rarely see that much GBB action ^^
  7. I've been weak and bought a new woc XD I'm already loving it !
  8. Great great and awesooooooome ! I'm digging the L1A1 Carbine and candyman's ex sniper rifle :3
  9. I'll do more tests with heavier bbs, but since the power seems to be around 400fps, I'll not get 250 feet range. We'll see what are the best effective and maximum range I get. For the inner barrel, I know that ratech does the full lenght for stock kc02, just check their page, you'll get the lenght.
  10. I set my scope at 140 feets, I had bad bbs and little battleground ^^ I assume it shoots further easily and accurately ^^ The inner barrel came with the sniper kit, I bought it already installed by uncompany
  11. Hi there, Coming back from a game ! the kc02 did an overkill I set the gun with low hopup at 40 meters on a 20x20 target, using ultrair and 0,25 tanio koba bio bbs Not the greatest consumables to test it ! The most important past 0.30, it's not the weight but the bb quality, 0,43 for a 400ish fps gun :/ I have the ratech rubber and long inner barrel all the way in the fluted outer. 6.01, very accurate ! I know about the falcon barrel, but the friend of mine that put it with the stock barrel and silencer isn't available now. I don't know if it reaches the tip of the fluted or more ! T
  12. This baby will be on stage sunday, maybe chronoed ^^
  13. Only did the can test at home by 25°c With ultrair gaz, went through each side of the can, but didn't pass the bottom of it. So 400 fps ?
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