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  1. This thread was created over a year ago before the picture sub-forum was being used properly.
  2. Hush you before i set my truncheon to 'hippy womping'
  3. God damn hippy. Painting turned out well, good job lad. Btw your Resident Evil Chris Redfield and Shotgun Project Site is excellent.
  4. *gags DazJW* Shh people might start saying its a pointless thread and try to lock it.
  5. Ahah thought it might be one of those, you got a link to somewhere in the UK that sells them at low prices? Just i really want a revolver but can't afford to buy a marushin colt anaconda anymore Cheers Vicks
  6. DazJW: What make revolver is that? Cheers Vicks
  7. God damnit i am still yet to see pictures of these Hippy, have I missed them when you posted them, or have you just not got around to posting them yet <.<
  8. Nice hippy, which m1 garand is that? Looks like the tanker model as it looks to short to be the full size one, could be wrong though i did have rather alot to drink last night
  9. Yea, but i look silly holding a gun with a small barrel like that, although it does look very nice, whats the silver bit on the grip, i thought you compressed it to take the safety off (from other pictures i've looked at) but looks like you've got a seperate safety on that so not really sure what its for, looks like its just for comfort. Oh....My....God ! :D :D :D Where the hell am i going to get $500
  10. I think KJW based their m9 off the TM, if so the G&G should fit. You can get full metal kits for the WA m9s and the TM, not sure about silencing the WA but you can get the silencer adapter that fits on the end of the barrel (can't seem to find it now but i'll look later if someone doesn't link before me just gotta go out for a bit) They say it fits all M9 variants so i imagen it does fit, just never seen it on one
  11. Aye it is nice Hippy, bit small for my *cough* manly frame Talking of revolvers anyone seen this little thing at GnG? http://www.gunsnguys.com/ishop/Contents/Sh...asp?ProdID=4043 Now is that a fully working airsoft replica of Deckard's revovler? Please tell me
  12. I love it, great work Sh0ty :D
  13. Nice. But your sig is waay to big.
  14. £40!!! You lucky so and so, did you get it 2nd hand or a good deal somewhere?
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