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  1. Hi Delta , great review buddy Any chance of some pictures with the Osprey suppressor and torch mounted ? thanks!
  2. I love how you have a V2 BTC Spectre just laying around... im so jealous of your workshop!
  3. Covered up the black on my belt to fit in with MTP a bit better. Used inside out DPM fabric and some khaki fabric from old items. Looks okay to me ! HSGI Double Decker Taco HSGI X2R Taco Pouch Tactical Tailor Double SMG pouch - Holding 2 1911 Extended Mags Tactical Tailor Vertical Utility pouch Blackhawk! Serpa - 1911 Commander Style ( TM MEU) Viper Security belt with weird fabric thingy
  4. Not at all. Over 2 and a half years now of regular use on Guarders green gas and no signs of wear!
  5. Finally got some decent light to snap a photo of my Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU. Its completely stock other than the TM Nightwarrior 3 dot sights. Never felt it needed anything other than 3 dots and 40rd extended mags...
  6. Well i would imagine that the 6.01 was more accurate at close range , but that the 6.03 would outrange it considerably due to a larger cushion of air for the bb to ride on. But that is mere speculation id like to see a comparison too!
  7. Yep , performing excellantly ! as soon as i read your comment i went out to the garden and fire 30 shots at an a4 piece of paper from just under 30 metres away. Considering the breeze, the fact i was shooting from the shoulder , that i didnt clean the barrel before and that its been sat in its box for 6 weeks , the accuracy and consistency is certainly still very high as every shot hit the paper. I dont know how that compares to a more scientific test , but it certainly makes your aeg more skirmishable For the 40 odd quid , its certainly worth it !
  8. Indeed - forgot to mention that the base gun was a King Arms M4A1 !
  9. Well , after drooling at the fantastic " Reptile House Blog" for a while , and seeing both the authors MIlCiv builds and this one in particular - http://thereptilehouseblog.com/2014/04/04/jbs-ddm4/ , i decided to push my M4 in a more Milciv Direction. To plagiarize someone earlier in the thread " sometimes i also like to go fast! Externals - ( Acronym dump incoming ) Madbull DD DE Omega 12inch , ACM Eotech XPS, FCC AAC Flashider, ACM Daniel Defense A1.5 BUIS , ACM Ladder rail Covers , Marui Sling Mount , PTS MOE Buttstock, PTS MOE RVG, PTS Pmag M version /w/ magpul
  10. Well if everyone else is showing off their trigger response.... Its a stock King arms gearbox with a Lonex pisoton, SHS Hightorque and the BTC Chimera MK2 (which performs identically to the spectre, just taking up more room)
  11. So my setup now is - Prometheus soft bucking (purple) H nub Prowin cnc m4 unit Mad bull steel bull barrel It's definitely worked great in my King Arms M4A1
  12. Skirmished it twice now ! First outing I was impressed , as in the woods my groupings were certainly tighter. Sadly it's a fairly open site and it was blowy as hell , so can't tell you too-definitely. Then, I changed the rubber for a promy purple, and even though that had barely bedded in, the accuracy was certainly better than with the deep fire rubber , and leaps ahead of the deep fire rubber and stock barrel. It was sadly still fairly windy at the second skirmish, but I managed to hit someone who was lain down aiming at me from 45m away. I most easily noticed the change at home, where I c
  13. http://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/697/s/blacktalon-concepts-spectre-fet-for-v2-gearbox/ Yep - just in today at the slightly eye watering price of £119.99
  14. Finally got my DE MBUS and MOE Grip. Now pondering over some xtms...
  15. No clue im afraid - as far as my knowledge stretches its just Madbull. Says made in Taiwan if thats any help!
  16. Ive got a skirmish tomorrow and one a week today, so ill update the thread ! of course , long term is really where the steel should shine.. (pun?) !
  17. Hi there all. Been tinkering and testing out Madbulls latest offering this morning. Long story Short , its nicely made, fixes some problems people had with the Black Pythons and boosts accuracy. But i know how arnies loves the detail , so lets proceed. The Packaging. One of the largest complaints that i heard about the V2 Black Python barrels was that it came in a weak/flexible plastic tube that didnt adequetley protect the barrel. Seeing as it was made out of very soft aluminium , the barrel could be bent in the post etc fairly easily because of its poor vessel. No longer !
  18. Pretty Small Collection Manafacturers from left to right . top to bottom - Orca Industries , Bunny Workshop Freebie , Warrior Assualt Systems, MSM, WAS
  19. My Emerson Multicam JPC - Supposedly from the very same factory and identical to the TMC one. - Emerson JPC in MC - 3 M4 Mags in the Kangaroo Pouch - Warrior OD Hydration Carrier - Assorted Morale Patches -
  20. Early Tacticool Santa was kind to me - kit list - HSGI Double Decker Taco HSGI X2R Taco Pouch Tactical Tailor Double SMG pouch - Holding 2 1911 Extended Mags Tactical Tailor Vertical Utility pouch Blackhawk! Serpa - 1911 Commander Style All maliced onto a Viper Security Belt.
  21. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=680638815288749&set=a.617341061618525.1073741825.362709980414969&type=1&theater BTC Spectres have arrived in the UK ! They are on sale for £95 plus shipping , and should be on the website now to buy - FB says they have been on sale since 8pm on Tuesday.
  22. its a shame as its a very cool system indeed to be able to swap so seamlessly between a gbbr and an aeg. Like alot of wants in airsoft , often its just a matter of time. KWA did state at Shot Show 2013 that they would bring out a gbbr Masada based on the LM4 system. Due to the PTS vs Magpul battle that may never appear sadly.... Start at about 3:01 - runs off LM4 magazines and hopefully would be just as customisable as the current ones. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiZaAjnW5z0
  23. Yes but am i not right in thinking that the original Hop unit with sensor is still in production and has not been "upgraded"?
  24. the body pins lining up seems too good to be true!
  25. Is that literally a direct fit ( a rare chance i know !) or does it require extensive modification to the upper ? very interesting builds!
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