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  1. I'll be honest - the thought of hundreds of geeky overweight airsofters waddling around the safezone in ACSs (replica or not) is frankly terrifying... I'm not professing to having a ripped body either (or not being geeky), but damn people, at least keep your armour on over it, please. And if your man-boobs are being squeezed around the side of your armour, then you have bigger issues (literally) and you should probably find a different form of exercise.
  2. It was one of the conditions of my staying on his team.
  3. To be honest I roll a medium ACU shirt, and a large ACS fits me great. I reckon you need to go a size up.
  4. That's some funny-*albatross* sh*t, Knick. Did you get your PEQ-15s in FDE and then have to paint them black (dumb), or did you get issued black ones and then just keep painting them different colours? Funny that you've been running them for years - I had no idea they'd been around that long!
  5. It's a promo for his mad photography skills - Isaac has AWESOME skill with a D-SLR. Also, as has been said, it's a special brand of airsoft gun firing metal 5.56mm elongated BBs at well over forum limits. He has a real PVS-14...
  6. CompM4 is the new M68 CCO, replacing the CompM2. EOTechs are going out of favour due to major reliability issues, now fixed I think, but EOTech refused to acknowledge it for so long, the military got pretty annoyed. I think the EOTech 553 is still part of 'Block II', but I bet a lot of guys replace it with an M68 if they get the chance (if they even get issued a 553 at all).
  7. Is that a PEQ-15 on the front end, Knick? Never noticed before, and it looks kinda like a PEQ-15 but it's hard to tell (and wouldn't it be early on?).
  8. Well I'll be....very clever. Not really paid much attention to AR accessories recently, so shows how out of touch I am. Anyway, awesome rifle.
  9. That is UNBELIEVABLY hot. Although it needs a front sight
  10. EGLM? No thanks. Big, heavy, and I'd never use it anyway. In this config the SCAR is STAGGERINGLY pointable.
  11. I went home and forgot to smell the shirt. Damn it! EDIT: Weirdest thing I ever typed on an internet forum.
  12. I'd usually be the same, but the performance of this thing more than makes up for it List of parts, for what it's worth: - G&G SCAR-L, Tan, 10.5" CQC Barrel - Hurricane EOTech 553, FDE, battery cover painted, replica laser sticker made - TangoDown Stubby QD Foregrip, FDE - Blue Force Gear V-CAS Sling, Tan - Element(?) AAC SCAR-SD Suppressor Still to come: - TangoDown Rail Covers, FDE - VFC PEQ-15, FDE (whenever that comes out) Rail covers will be fitted in 2 weeks so I'll pics of it then (and in use, hopefully)...
  13. Ok it's going to be 2 weeks 'til I get the TangoDown rail covers, so I might well ###### her out now. Rail covers will tidy up the front end some (both side rails and underneath will be covered). Last thing to add will probably be a VFC PEQ-15 whenever they come out. I actually wasn't fully sold on the SCAR until I started getting all the bits together, but now I think it's far superior to any AR-15 system I've owned. Under flash it still has the ugly mega-b*stard bling-bling receiver. It really looks nice under natural light.
  14. Not noticed the smell but I'll have a whiff when I go home tomorrow and see what I can pick up on (sweat, most likely, ugh). Not looking forward to running it in an urban game in February now, though! I noticed two things on the Massif site: 1 - "Only available for members of the U.S. Military" - so there you have it 2 - No more ARMY STRONG logo, officially (screw press releases) - awesome, if not actually that big a deal
  15. There are a few odd ACS available on eBay at the moment, aren't there? Price is steep, though. I don't think they're available from Massiff unless you have MIL ID. I was lucky enough to get mine off an American guy at War & Peace last year - I guess it either 'slipped through a crack' in the supply system, or he bought it himself and then decided to sell it after his deployment or whatever. I still reckon they're great shirts, though. If you have the chance of getting one, go for it.
  16. You'd be surprised, I think. I know guys who went through their tours in Iraq, during which they almost exclusively rolled in Humvees and kicked in doors, who carried their PVS-14 in their ACU cargo pocket. Seems like madness to me, but they did it.
  17. HaVoC


    Not with a 10" barrel they don't (not as a DMR, anyway)
  18. HaVoC


    Beautiful rifle - with the wear and everything (which I assume is all natural, too), this is a perfect DMR. Almost makes me want an AR-15 based gun again...
  19. That's kind of the point. A lot of instructors (e.g. Chris Costa) advise shooting using the VFG as a support/index, rather than grabbing hold of it like a broom handle, and running your thumb up in line with the barrel. I found this worked well with my M4, and when my stubby VFG turns up, I'll be doing the same with my SCAR. But yeah, that's basically the point of the stubby VFGs - if you're only using it to index, and most of your hand is up on the handguard of the rifle, the extra length of a full-length VFG is redundant and a greater snag risk, etc that is necessary.
  20. He just needs to switch them round. The stars should always be facing towards the front of the helmet, and he has both a normal and reverse flag on there, just the wrong way round.
  21. You can switch the backstrap on the MIAD out for one without that, can't you? Apparently though, you can shave the inside of it and it'll fit, so you could try that too.
  22. Yeah, I've seen it as well. I thought it looked really nice, and I'm kinda considering putting one on mine sometime. EDIT: According to a guy on Airsoft Forum... And I found this, too - real SCAR and real MIAD, I think (off the Magpul site):
  23. Oh yeah, not saying they never use it, just it's not really enough to carry EVERYTHING. You see guys with a couple of pouches up on there, though, yeah. Reading my post again it came across like "They never use the webbing at all" and that's my bad.
  24. mrk, the kit looks neat but I've never seen guys really run pouches on the BALCS (at least not the vertical PALS version), given the limited capacity of that tiny area of webbing, and the vertical orientation making things annoying to access. How about running something like a SPEAR ELCS or a light chest rig like a MAV over it instead?
  25. Yeah, I saw the photos earlier. Just wondering if anyone was running one on a SCAR. I think I'm gonna go with the black one, to be honest.
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