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  1. Hi,

    the Colt arrived last week, all lovely.



  2. finally go round to taking a proper photo. JG G36k with a Kahki/brown paint job, didn't quite get the lighting right, looks better in real life (i know everyone says that! when they take a photo of their paint job )
  3. My first foray into the world of G36's and Painting. I'll get some better pics later, still not sure what to do with the flash hider/outer barrel, to paint or not to paint, that is the question!
  4. My first attempt at doing a paint job using Krylon, shame the iPone camera is so pants!
  5. Your silencer is a bit less than straight then, either chuck it or get a longer inner barrel.
  6. Cheap E-bay wood, cost around £30 posted Its not bad, nothing like the wood on a real steel AK, but certainly nicer than having the usual plastic. only problem with it is that you can't get a large battery in the stock (so for this gun i'm using stick batts in the top) But i'm going to get my mate who is a dab hand with a chisel to sort it.
  7. Some fairly crappy phone cam pics of my AKs (minus the ICS, who is all wrapped up and ready to go to another home)
  8. incidently i have one of those wooden stocks but i no longer have the UZI, if anybody fancies buying it.
  9. Boredum strikes again ! And into the bits box I go... CYMA body, stock and gear box TM dustcover, Hop unit and barrel Cheap Wood kit ICS Hi-cap Ta da ! I keep trying to sell the CYMA, but this might have just convinced me to keep her for good.
  10. Bah, i just sold my UZI... now i want her back :*(
  11. Terrible picture quality, but the missus appears to have nicked my Digi cam again Anyhoo, here's the current family of black/synthetic furniture AKs ; Top - ICS AK74M (got it today ) Middle - TM AK47 with KA AK74M furniture and a longer spetznaz front end Bottom - CYMA AK47s (with most parts swaped for TM) with a spetz front
  12. just get a KA set, its pretty cheap, and you can swap it about as you like
  13. Messing about with some bits in my AK box again I actually quite like it, going to try it with a folding stock later
  14. Yeah, the spetz has a ribbed cover up to the rear sight. i use it, minus the sight for my 'poor mans AK74' and it looks a lot better than having a normal AK47 cover on.
  15. mostly CYMA except for the TM spetznas front end and upper reciever. TM hop unit and a 6.04mm Tight barrel, and the spetz hand guards have a wood effect paint job i did a while ago.
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