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  1. Beeingmyself

    Pistol light options

    Hello ch/airsofters I'm looking for a pistol light but I'm kind of on the cheap side of the game Like with rifle light there are the line of Night Evolusion that make decent copies of the Surefire line that works just fine for the use of an airsofter like me but what are the options when it comes to pistol lights? Are there any good copies of the more famous makes and model of the ones used for RS?
  2. Beeingmyself


    But why not tell people right away that the item is not in stock to begin with why the hole checkout process and reciewing a mail with shipping cost ONLY AT THE END OF ALL OF THIS only to reciewe a mail that you MAYBEE will have it in stock at the end of june? Why this waste of time?
  3. Beeingmyself


    Hello fellow ch/airsofters ;7) Anybody ever dealt with Royaltigerairsoft out of HongKong? I just had a very bad experience with them today. I have been looking for ages for an UBR stock for my GBBR and finally found it on their website - in stock Or so I thought, First of all you paid 3,90$ for them to send you the shipping cost ofcourse without them saying anything about it before. Than I get a mail saying the item will be shipped one back in stock - say what - your webpage just informed me that it was actually in stock thats the reason for me ordering it in the first place!!!!!! I have requested my 3,90$ or I gonna report them to Paypal for misinformation. Is it just med beeing unlucky or have anybody else had the same experience??
  4. Beeingmyself

    9mm AR GBBR’s?

    Just a silent though in the night But since Apple and the rest of the smartphone makers was told to make phones that use the same charger in order to save the world of unnecessary production how about somebody told the airsoftgun makers to use the same specs all over the line. Starting with the AR15 platform since it is the most common in all fra G&P AEG lowers fitting with KA AEG uppers Same goes for GBB and GBBR compatible magazines and body parts Think of the saving in materials alone in production.
  5. Beeingmyself

    SIG Picture Thread

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the M17
  6. Beeingmyself

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Anybody know a place where you can buy RS HK416 vertical grip that will ship to the EU, Denmark?
  7. Beeingmyself

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Does anybody know if a VFC HK416 GBBR pistol grip will fit a WE M4 GBBR?
  8. Beeingmyself

    H&K Picture Thread

    Hello Just a quick question on is it possible to buy a HK416 type stock and pistol grip that fits a WE 4168 anywhere which have international shipping avaible?
  9. Beeingmyself

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    Shouldn't it be called the M17 The P320 don't have the safty on the slide
  10. Beeingmyself

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    What gun and or interessting what magazine is that?
  11. Beeingmyself

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    So after this time beeing around time for some sum up. What fps can be expected out green gas out of the box? What needs to fixed exchanged for beeing reliable and smooth shootin?? Are mag and parts avaible over all???
  12. Beeingmyself

    H&K Picture Thread

    Such a shame they haven't included the vertical pistol grip of a RS HK416 like on the VFC
  13. Beeingmyself

    H&K Picture Thread

    Where did you buy that sight? I have had a few of these and so far I have been having bad luck with the quality of these so any information would be greatly appreciated
  14. Beeingmyself

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Oh please do tell as soon as possible pretty please
  15. Beeingmyself

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    What sort og frontguard is that? Looks really nice with the rail.

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