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  1. very nice guy to deal with with very good com's and fast delivery

  2. Ok well looks like you have everything under control then. But remember if needs be, I'm sure we'd all be happy to contribute if anything is required. Thanks for answering all questions.
  3. Ok recently site is suffering, now obviously i don't know the honest problem but i thought it was about time the rest of the community contributed to ArniesAirsoft to improve the reliability/performance of the site. Can money/Parts solve this issue ? I thought if we all donated, even small amounts, when 100's do it, it will all mount up and i'm sure help a great deal ? To intise some, Show an appreciate of there donation. Maybe somehow a unique item/image/text be placed on there forum viewable display(When you post). I'm throwing out thoughts here so... Was trying to think diffe
  4. Single sale items are not usually viewed upon as retailing no matter what the circumstances of the sale. Seller could be pricing over RRP but with only one, he's left alone. Think it only becomes a problem when sellers sell multiples of the same item as this is seen as a unusual event for a person to have more than one of the same item/be selling at same time ect.. And the full packages being sold recently are probably a result of the recent xmas presents, Unwanted/change there mind.
  5. Auctions are for places like ebay. It's the reason a favour/favoured arnies sales section over using elsewhere. Simply state the items info and the price you want, No messing about waiting days for things to end ect.. The new classifieds section wouldn't be too bad if it was split up properly. UK---> -AEG -AEG ACC -GBB -Spring -Gear -Bulk -Non Airsoft And so on for US. Though even if the standard system was split like that, it would be better. New section seems very cluttered: old ended sales are stickied there. It's in horrible aucti
  6. My view on the auction system: I actually don't mind it, I mean by all means i prefer the old selling way but i see the advanatages and disadvantages of the new system so i'm prepared to try it. Some problems i found: - When an item is sold, it still stays there for the rest of the auction time, Clogs up the forum -Item locations need to be split up. European Sales and US sales/Asia or however you want to split them, i agreed with the guy earlier who says EU should be with UK though, postage is actually not much more ect.. Putting the item location in auction does nothing
  7. Good idea i think but i'd change a few things to the idea of the selling. I think we should all regard it still as any 2nd hand trade on here, you don't get warranties ect.. It wouldn't be so much commercial posting i think as they're not going to have a constant flow of items and neither are they going to have a vast product range. It's going to be 1 off items where profits can be made. Good idea though. I still vote for the Sales section to be split up aswell for each item category- Camo/Gear, Guns. so on
  8. .... .... *Turns on the news to find Bank Robbery in London Area*
  9. Didn't have time to check all the pages to see if it's already been suggested. With only one page for the sales thread, i think doesn't provide sufficient advertisement for the seller, also it makes it harder for the buyer to source the product he needs. As much as i hate them: Take a look at ASCUK sales thread. Like that... For Sale-----> AEG AEG Accessories Spring GBB Gear Non Airsoft Like that. I don't have a great problem with the current system. Arnies is great !! Just this could improve the sales section. Well let me see w
  10. Most of my guns: GBB Pistols AEG's They do the job for me No accessories are on the guns in pics.
  11. Heres a real car for ya: Not that i have one at 15. Hopefully Insurance providers change there views and drop it to category 0-10 so i can get one at 17
  12. Ahh i'll remember that. It can be one of my first upgrades. Better buy the gun first
  13. Great Review. I already have the greatest intentions of ordering one at end of month. The review just made me more excited and I WANT IT NOW.
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