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  1. After my cat died, and I got a painful leg injury, and realised I'm the poorest I've ever been in my life, I'm going on a road trip to Cornwall tomorrow with some friends I haven't seen in over a year. That will make me smile. Then vomit and myself probably, because Rum. Darkchild
  2. Yep, just lots of painkillers and not much walking. It sucks because I like to move a lot. Darkchild
  3. Tore a muscle in my thigh on the last day of my Annual Training Period with the reserves (I still won the range competition though, limping the whole way). I am in a lot of pain and can barely walk, it is not fun. Darkchild
  4. None of that stuff that Stunt said happens in the infantry. Shooting people is our primary concern so our weapon is ours and it rarely gets *fruitcage*ed with. That being said, I'm now in a cavalry unit, and last month they took all our DD handguards and Elcan sights away from us because somebody else needed them lol. In terms of practice for competitions, we had 2 range days to train for it, which is frankly ridiculous, as short barreled weapons are notorious for skill fade, you need to put thousands of rounds through a pistol before you become proficient in its use. Eg, nowadays
  5. Our Squadron won silver at the Army pistol shooting thing. We got beaten by the medics, who always win because: A) they're from NI so they can get on the ranges whenever they want, and pretty much all they do is shooting competitions. So not bad for my first go. Darkchild
  6. This was 17 hours into a 24 hour Milsim event, as we donned bergans and prepared to move out. At first light the teams had to switch start points, thus forcing a contact whilst wearing full kit. We decided to make best speed to a track junction that we anticipated the enemy would use to reach us, and set up ambush there. They walked right into it Darkchild
  7. I haven't gone through publishers. I'm a member of an indie game developers forum, and became friends with a few of the game devs on there. They read my self published work on Amazon and commissioned me on the strength of that. I have yet to approach a publisher with my work, but so far I haven't needed to. I think I'll try and get my next complete novel published, after a get the conclusion to my novella series out of the way. Darkchild
  8. I was on a writing forum, but I found little use for it tbh. This is the one I was on, they are very helpful towards new writers. https://www.sffchronicles.com/ If I can help you with anything, send me a PM. Darkchild
  9. Cheers! I think I'd get sued into the stone age if I wrote a Terminator book. I don't know if there will be a print version of my book, I only have digital distribution rights, not entirely sure what the owners intend to do with it. Darkchild
  10. I don't take offence if you don't want to play as a soldier. I do take offence if you spell SOLDIER wrong, however. These silly *fruitcage*ers are beginning to me off now, I might just leave the group, I have no time for armchair warriors and their bloated sense of false pride. I don't care if they're from my unit. Darkchild
  11. I'm having the old Airsofter/Walt debate in a secret group on Facebook (one for ex Royal Green Jackets) again. Pictures have surfaced of an Airsofter (who's dad was a Jacket) who wears his old man's beret when skirmishing, and is a member of several Green Jacket groups. My former comrades are screaming about "exposing" him and how disgusting it is that he is pretending to be one of us, and I'm trying to explain to these people that he is not claiming to be a soldier, merely playing a role in a game. In a way it is a form of flattery, as this guy clearly thinks my regiment are cool, but t
  12. Got my first pay cheque from my American clients today. Half my packet, plus a cheeky couple of $100 bills on top because I'm doing such a good job (allegedly). Woohoo! It's great when you can turn a hobby into a job. Darkchild
  13. Faith in humanity restored. Although I'm ready to be disappointed again when CannonFodder reveals that he does not resemble a collection of playing cards. Darkchild
  14. Chin bit is a Goatee, chin and tache is a Van Dyke.
  15. I imagine everybody looks exactly like their avatars. My life is a constant list of disappointments. Darkchild
  16. I'm light infantry, they do heavy drill. I don't know how to do that *suitcase*! I've just bluffed my case so far, middle rank is for winners. I can't tell where the stupid BS comes from, but I've effectively ignored it so far. I've fought in two wars wearing my own kit, spent 3 years constantly deployed as a contractor and now they say I can't wear it in the UK? Yeah cheers. Though I may just bust out my old NI chest rig to appease the RSM, he has taken a shine to me and I think it's best to keep him onside. It does the same thing as my MOLLE rig anyway, just in a slightly clumsier
  17. This unit has weird rules, like no soft hats in the field (beret or helmets only, but you can't wear berets when there are DS around, so your head burns or boils in the summer, cheers) No UBACS (despite them being issued), issue only LBE (despite the fact that the unit doesn't issue full sets of webbing, or daysacks, so everybody HAS to use non issue daysacks and LBE) That's a new one by the way, the RSM didn't like my MOLLE chest rig and had a fit. You need to have correctly placed stupid TRF patches, even in the field (my old infantry unit didn't even wear rank slides in the field, be
  18. I never had any therapy after I was diagnosed, and I refused medication, because I would've been banned from handling weapons or deploying on the ground (I was based in Northern Ireland and was operational at the time). Being stopped from doing my job would've made my depression worse, so I just carried on as though I was normal in the workplace and slogged through on my own. Work, PT and hobbies are the key imo. Distract yourself long enough so the feelings fade. It may take years. Darkchild
  19. When I had depression in 2002, then at the end of 2004 (diagnosed that time), I plunged headfirst into work and PT, taking my mind off the things that made me feel depressed. The second time, after about 8 months it gradually subsided, but imo dwelling on the facts (especially if they are beyond your control) will only make it worse. I forced myself to move on via distracting myself with endless mundane tasks, to the point where time lessened the impact of the issue. Darkchild
  20. Donations? What have I missed? Had my American client over for the weekend. Did tourist stuff, ate food, drank booze. It's nice when you meet people from the internet for the first time and they turn out to be cool guys. Darkchild
  21. I just drink rum or vodka. Y'all can shove your water up your arses. I'm really into rum lately, spiced of course. Saying that I haven't drunk in over a month. Think I'm getting old and boring. Darkchild
  22. I take it you don't have a Corporal's mess anymore, since the evil Sodexo takeover? The Corporals vs Sergeants events used to be legendary in Battalion. They're not allowed to do that stuff anymore Darkchild
  23. Don't worry, your mess is the last place the blokes want to be. Darkchild
  24. I hate all that. Our house is mostly entirely functional, with my wife's tastes (gothic) expressed on the walls and with ornaments etc. The furniture is all pretty basic, no extra cushions or whatever, lots of storage space for entertainment. Nothing worse than woman clutter. I'd live in an empty house with just my bed and a playstation in it, if it were entirely up to me. Darkchild
  25. Nail on head. That's why Regulars don't tend to like reservists. I don't care personally, because I'm happy to deploy as a BCR to a regular unit so it won't affect me. But Cameron's great idea of replacing soldiers with reservists is failing massively, hence the current trend of backpeddling and offering cash incentives to get ex regulars to sign back up (I'm not doing this *suitcase* for free) including, unbelievably, people that got thrown out in the redundancies. Darkchild
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