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    Marui M4A1 (SOLD), Marui MP5SD6 (STOLEN), Marui P90 (SOLD), ICS MP5A5 (SOLD). Currently running: CA Armalite M15A4 RIS, KSC Glock 17 Metal (and sadly an 18c Metal as well), And KJW M9 Metal (powerful, acurate, perfect in every way). DBoys M4RIS w/ custom camo paint and 4x scope
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    All right stop... collaberate and listen.
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    Everett, WA (Seattle Area)
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    Pretty much airsoft.
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  3. expvideo

    Office supply M4

    My M4 made of cardboard boxes
  4. expvideo

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    No... It's not up to me. Personally, I think there is a good reason for the law, in the modern world. That is my opinion. I'm not going to change your mind, and you aren't going to change mine. I like wearing clothes, and I like the fact that everyone else does too. I'm not particularly fond of the fact that it is illegal to be naked, but I understand the purpose of the law. And I am comfortable with it. However, I understand your point. I can see all the hot naked people I want through my monitor. Or if I feel so inclined at a strip club. Or maybe the hot girls I hang out with. I don't need to see them constantly. Nor do I want to. I like a little left to the imagination. I don't like going to strip clubs because I think that nudity is a very personal thing, and therefor a statement of trust and possibly love when you share it with someone. I don't walk around naked unless I care enough about someone, or trust them enough to be comfortable like that. And personally... I can't clip my paddle holster on if I'm naked. Aaron
  5. expvideo

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    For me, there is no evil. For my parents, my grandmother, my heavy sister, my ugly brother, and the majority of the world.... Personally I don't want to see them naked. If that was the status quo, I wouldn't mind. But it isn't the status quo, so I would preffer not to see it. That, and I enjoy my style, which I wouldn't have if we were all naked. It isn't evil, I'd just rather not see 100 ugly naked people for every 1 naked hottie. Aaron
  6. expvideo

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Why the hell am I not in Lance's story yet?!?! That's my rant. Guess I'm done now. I kinda was picturing a scene from the deer hunter with me and Sid playing russian roulette. On topic, Indecent exposure is going against the Status quo of what is appropriate to show the rest of the world. Presently, the status quo would have us wear clothes. I can't completely dissagree.
  7. expvideo

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Sadly you have to earn a blue space suit. And our cyanide pills come in cherry, strawberry, and "mystery".
  8. expvideo

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    We're ranting? OK, I've got one... I could get 3-4 real AKs for the cost of building a realistic airsoft AK!!!! That's retarded. I guess I'll have to build an army then. Join my evil army in our quest for world domination! Get a free gun! Free silver space suit! Even an enslaving helmet that controls your thoughts! And if you change your mind, we'll even give you a cyanide pill!
  9. expvideo

    new office supply m4

    An M4 I made out of cardboard and tape.
  10. expvideo

    New loadouts

    some of my old and new loadouts.
  11. expvideo

    New Misc

    Misc pictures

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