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  1. Anyone have any recommendations for a pouch for a 48cu air tank? Looking for something quite snug that won't bounce around much
  2. Ah, makes sense - thanks for the info. Do you happen to know if WE G19 mags will fit in the Stark G19?
  3. Hey, thanks! Storm Airsoft = Stark Airsoft now? Also, anyone know if WE mags are still compatible with the Stark Arms G19?
  4. Anyone know where to get one of these with trades these days?
  5. I asked them a question and got an answer back in 15 minutes... asked another, waited for two weeks.
  6. Sorry, was dicking around with the camera settings on my old phone, haha. It's a WA S&W M4013.
  7. Does anyone have a M110 spring in their SOPMOD? If so, would you mind posting your parts list?
  8. Would that mean it is also possible to add more recoil by increasing the weight?
  9. This isn't mine, but it sure is nice. Iraqi Tabuk replica - unfortunately still an AEG apparently, if it were mine I'd get a DG kit in it.
  10. George, I'd really love to see the rest of your collection of WAs, haha.
  11. Thanks for the review! Could you link me to your lipo conversion kit? Will the conversion kit work on a SOPMOD?
  12. Alright well if anyone wants to downgrade their CQBR's EMOD stock to a crane stock let me know, I can add cash. Does anyone know if a King Arms/DBoys EMOD (they can hold batteries) can replace it without any trouble?
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