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  1. My Gr15 Build Im Runnin The MB DD M4a1 OB With MB DD Gas Block, The Barrel Is A Two Peice At The Neck Of The Breach. This Barrel is Udder ######, Even under Red Lock Tight And Sitting In My Safe The Barrel Has Mannaged To Come Loose Three Times Now. Mbus II's Coming Off For RS Mbus II, Elcan Cant Fit Over Rear Mbus II. Not Finished Yet But Close.
  2. G&G GR A box-o-junk showed up for it, A2 Grip, CQD Sling Plate, LE Stock, 7.4v LiPo and a few tid bits more, Pics will follow in due time.
  3. Picked this gem up on a road trip to see some family over Turkey weekend. Very solid gun, only a few little things out of the box that drive me nuts but are easy fixes. Swapped E1 motor with a JG blue and bumped the rof. 390 with 2's. Just waiting on a TD Battle Grip (Blk) and Some Black mags for it.
  4. Soon To Be A BF3 Rifle, Acog NSN, Just Not Pictured. Gunna Give It A Nice Coat Of Paint. Gorilla Glue My Mag Catch In And Do Some Wire Work In The Stock For A LiPo Buffer. MagWell Grip Is Moving To Another Gat.
  5. Chas - Do you know if any modifications were needed? Well, My Meister took a dump on me today, 3 to be exact. My spring guide is shot to *suitcase* (will not cycle properly), half of my front sight is missing and my mag, well lets just face it, its not a TM mag lol. TM Night Warrior here I come.
  6. Quick Question, would this drop In barrel kit work with TM hop-up instead, inside my MEU. My MEU :
  7. My only functioning M4 From my 8 gun collection Just Waiting for the post man to show up with my Element Elcan Specter and Element Dual Tape Switch in blk and she'll be done.
  8. G&P M4 Sopmod (Colt), As it stands. Element RIS, Element Functional Peq, ACM ACOG w/RDS, Pmag, G&P QD NT4. Just Missing Element M3x Long, Element Tape Switch And Element Elcan *suitcasey* Cell Phone Pic - Sorry
  9. Part Of My Collection I Brought Home To play With This Summer. Top - JG M4 RIS G.I. Si Middle - G&P M4, Soon To Be RIS'd, Dunno What Else ATM Bottom - CA M15, Getting A mk18 rail w/e to mail guy wants to show up.
  10. G&P M4A1, Best Brand I've Bought And So Far VERY Impressive, Hvn't Got To Shoot It Yet Due To The Dean's Connectors But That Comes With The Upgrade Of Buying A Nice AEG For Once. Figured I Share The Love. Got A QD NT4 For It And A MAG 190 Metal Midcap In The Well.
  11. My S.I. JG M4, Needs A Just A bit More Of Work Inc. Touch Up Paint On Certain Spots. PEQ Is Getting Replaced For A VFC Clone With Light And Laser. Battery Is A 7.4 FF 2 Piece Lipo That Fits Into the RIS No Problem With Mosfet.
  12. Traded some odds and ends for this mint cherry, not rs tho. But Opfor load out here I come.
  13. Its Not Done Yet But It Makes For A Cool Wallpaper.
  14. Any Classic Army Glock Owners Out There If So, If You Could Take The Time To PM Me Ur Thoughts It Would Be Much Appreciated. Looking To Get A CA G19.
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