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  1. More: http://www.scaar.at/airsoft/m240b.htm
  2. I hope they did A bunch of tip-ofs they were. I got a used and broken KTW L96 from then, which they sold as "brand new". And rumors say that most people who pre-ordered the M14 never got it.
  3. lovecraft25, Yes, you are right about the size difference. Its even easier to spot it if you compare the right side of the top cover. You easily see at the rear end that the top cover of the airsoft Bizon is way longer than the real one. Airsoft version: Link to real one: http://image.space.rakuten.co.jp/lg01/36/0...053azikfzj.jpeg
  4. Looks nice. Elcans seem to fit pretty well on L85s. Here is a MMC L86 "canadized" with Elcan and Thermold mag:
  5. Does anyone remember the first mass production airsoft M14? It was from Airsoftclub, had a plastic wood style stock and a metal receiver/barrel. Just full auto, a bad magazine release and terrible hop up and internals. But on photos it looked great
  6. Go for style - go for SIG. Also available in tactical version
  7. As for the GUU5-P: Its an AEG, the body is from G&P, the vertical grip is a Surefire M900 replica, the Eotech works pretty well there and the battery is, as USNDOC already said, stored in a PEQ thats put on for gaming.
  8. Nope, 200USD per gun plus 60USD per grip and as requested: Another shot of gold:
  9. The gun was custom built from Gunsworkshop. They modified a Guarder receiver, added the finish, the used the look and the wood parts from a real RPK. Ting didnt have to do anything with it
  10. Kokusai Mini Uzis. Metal bodies, external gas
  11. KSC Sword Cutlass from Black Lagoon. Tried to add some pirate ambiente
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