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    CA M15A4 Rifle, With an SIR kit, modified for Troy flip sights, SPR grip, bipod, tuned gearbox, tightbore...
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    ... both painted.
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  1. Thorbard

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    When I first posted pictures of this rifle I was told the paint looked too clean and neat. That was because it was newly painted. Here it is about a month later: I'm tempted to add another colour or two to it at the moment. One that I'm thinking of is a grey-green. The other would be a darker green, probably about the same tone as the brown. Except, well, green. But not sure. I quite like it as it is.
  2. Thorbard

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    The rail kit on the M16 is an SIR. The M4 length is pretty common in airsoft, full length not so much. Loosely based on a blackwater rifle but mainly just coz I liked it. I'm undecided on a 3rd colour. My first thought was that it needed another colour (I've got a grey-green in mind) but I do like it as just two colours. And the paint is actually a satin finish, which makes it look more shiny in the pictures. Its not so much in real life. Its a brand new paintjob though. Give it till after my game tomorrow and see the difference.
  3. Thorbard

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Not the best lighting in the world, but I'm happy enough with the photos to post them. (Clickable thumbnails)
  4. Thorbard

    Custom Gear

    They're often braided around side release buckles (3/4 inch) to secure them. Easier to get on and off than a button. Oh, and they're commonly used as an easy way to carry a length of paracord for part of a survival kit.

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