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so after seeing one of our teammate's CA SCAR-Ls in action during practice and being albe to fondle it all day, me and another teammate were convinced to get one too.


i always thought that the SCAR looked pretty cool, but once i picked it up "i was a believer". the pictures really dont do it justice IMHO.


we both bought a SCAR each from www.airsoftbattlezone.com. we were to get them at a game the following weekend that Airsoft Battle Zone (ABZ) was hosting.


so we get there and each chose our SCAR. i loaded mine up and got ready to fire. the motor was turning the gears, but it wasnt firing. i made sure that the mag was wound and that bbs would fly out of it when i depressed the tab - they did. Jason, co-owner of ABZ and a good friend, came over and took a look at it. he knew immedietly what was wrong: the tappet plate was broken. we were both ######. fortunetely, he guarantees all his guns which meant that he would fix it for free, which is fine because i was going to have it upgraded above forum limits anyway. of course, i was left with my M14 SOCOM, which i then found out was shooting way above field limits, so i couldnt use it. luckily, a team member let me use his G&G M4 for the day and it performed beautifully.


what about the other SCAR? it shot perfectly. my other teammate who got it, chris, was very pleased with it. this gun is one of the quietest stock guns i've ever heard. after we adjusted the hop-up on his, it was getting some pretty impressive range. i didnt measure it exactly, but it was deffinetely going far. another thing we noticed was how accurate it was. this thing is a tac-driver, and was hitting in the same spot continuously.


he took it over to chrono and the readings were 309, 310, and 308fps. nice and consistent.


of course i didnt get to play with his gun, but i know he was racking up the kills. he is used to playing with hi-caps, but im getting him to convert over to mids. even with those, he did really well. they were the MAG 100rnd midcaps that were at least a year and a half old and were VERY used, but they fed flawlessly thru the SCAR and didnt have any play in the magwell.


sometime during the end of the day, chris' SCAR started acting a little wierd, so he took it back to the staging area, oiled it up, and it then shot fine.


when i get my SCAR back from being fixed/upgraded, i'll add a little more info on the body, etc., and give some numbers for the range and groupings. even though i didnt get to use MY SCAR, i know i'll be happy with it after seeing chris'. updates to come!

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Better the tappet plate than some of the issues the first CA AUG wave had....I almost felt like crying for those poor guys.


Sounds good though! I'll inform my friend of this as he currently is hoarding his money in preperation for one. I'm not a big fan of the tan color, but the black CQC is dead sexy. Especially with that M203 and ACOG ;)

*looks in wallet*


*Adds to Christmas list*

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Just a thought on that tappet plate issue. When I had my SCAR's gearbox apart I gave all the parts a once over, and I wasn't too imprssed with the tappet plate in general. It looked as if it had alot of mould flash and a big sprue gate on its edge that was cleaned up with a knife. Definately the the precision look of a Guarder tappet. I also noticed that the brass nozzle part on the cylinder head was quite rough, providing more resistance than I think it should have when the nozzle moved along it. Also, the nozzle is air-seal, but the o-ring sits just about flush with the inner diameter of the nozzle, so when doing a compression test, I noticed a fair amount of air lost there.

However, Im not any less pleased with the gun, the rest of it is just so good that I can deal with that. I tinker with my guns to no end anyway.

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it actually uses a slightly different tappet plate. i put a regular v.2 one in my gun, and it screws up the piston/cylander timing (or something along those lines, i dont remember exactly what my airsith said) so i ended up dropping a M140 in there and it was still shooting only 350 or so.


the correct tappet plate is on its way though!

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Gear timing is a myth, I swear! :D I suspect that the real culprit is that the nozzle is too short. I noticed it the first time I had it apart but didn't think anything of it until I was getting much lower fps than what I should have been getting with the set-up I had: PDI150 + Prom Tightbore + Guarder soft bucking + 100% piston seal, and it can't puncture both sides of a Coke can.) It looks like the nozzle is not long enough to seat in the rear of the hop rubber like it should so maybe air pressure is being lost there. I could shine a flashlight into the bb feed part of the hop when the nozzle was all the way forward and there was about 1mm of space between the end of the nozzle and the end of the bucking.


Edit: Do the nozzles of any model of AEG seal with the hop rubber? The only other AEG I can check ATM is an Armalite, and I can't see the end of the nozzle when it is all the way forward. I would think that they *should* seal, but maybe not. And if they don't seal, is there even that much pressure lost?


Edit again: If this makes any sense. This would be looking into the magwell with te barrel point to your left side -


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i played with mine all day yesterday. my airsmith said that the motors in them are shyt and if you wanna push anything over forum limits, you'll probably need a new motor.


but anyway, it performed really well. i got some nice kills with it. the battery lasted the whole day, too! next, i need to buy a foregrip and a sling.


sure, it was a hastle when i first got it, but im happy with my purchase.

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