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Tiger Stripe Desert Eagle

Money Bags

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So basicly, I was really bored and decided to search "desert eagle" in google image search and I got this...




Then I was like: "Oh! I really want one!"

So I started thinking about how I would do it and this is basicly my plan...


I would definately start with the TM hardkick cause it has really good performance. I had one before, but I sold it cause it was chrome and unsuitable for use in most skirmish situations 'cause I was scared of damaging the finish. So this time I'd get a black one.


I may consider a zeke metal kit, but I think it would probably be a waste of money considering it would likely be a model/plinking gun.


So first, on to the finish.

I've been looking at the Krylon stuff, and i've found that they do some gold spray, and a 'leafing pen'. But I think without testing some first I can't really know, 'cause I'll need A shiny gold colour, and then a titanium gold colour.


Then to acheive the tiger stripe effect, I'd just spray it in one gold colour, then I guess I'd just stick on some sticky paper cut in the shapes of tiger stripes. I'd do this to the fully assembled gun, and then strip it when I spray it. I'd have to cut out the stripes as I go along the gun to make sure it looks right and tight. Obviously, this would involve a few coats of each colour.


Then for the mag I'd just paint the metal plate on the bottom so that the gold paint doesn't scratch off on magazine switching.


However, I'm not sure as to whether I would have to spray a final coat of varnish or summat on to the gun. Any feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Then on to the grips. Since you can't get the 'grippy' grips made for the TM gun, I'd need to get real steel ones.




Which are $49 off the magnum research website. Maybe they'll send 'em to to UK, but if they won't then I'm sure I will be able to get my hands on some.


The only problem is, I'm not sure whether they'd fit or not. 'Cause if i'm correct, on the TM, the grips are attached with a screw in the base of the stock. (I think that thats the word for that part). But as you can see on the picture, there is a screw in the side of the grip. So I think I may have to do some sort of drilling if I wanna stick 'em on. Either that or just abandon the idea of the 'grippy' grips. If anyone has any input on this too then it is very welcome.


Then for the sights, I'd get some freedom art sights with the acrylic sticks in 'em 'cause I think they look cool.


As for internals, i don't think I'm really gonna do much 'cause performance doesnt matter really, and its a very good stock gun anyway. In my old TM I put some proud recoil springs in to increase the speed of the recoil. I found it made it 'snappier'.



So, thats It basicly. I would just like to know what any of you guys think and if anyone has every attempted anything similar. Like, in terms of feasability and all that.


Thanks, Money Bags.


EDIT: On retrospect, this should have probably gone in the pistols section. Does anyone know how i move it?

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Make sure you use "Painters tape" for the pattern - normal sticky paper or labeling paper leaves a nasty residue.


Also, as you're going to paint it, try going for a HFC DE - it's a 100% clone of the TM hardkick, but the trades are not real, which may matter to you.


Also, IIRC KWC do that grip - it comes as stock on thier Co2 DEs.

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I was going to suggest the HFC myself! I've got one, and it rocks. I've also got a TM springer version gathering dust somewhere. Hmmm, an ACU Deagle... :D


Thread moved, as requested (if you want something moved, hit report and ask us to do it for you).

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Thanks for all the comments guys (and thanks for moving the thread, Pablo).


Getting a springer might be a good idea actually. At least, to just have a go at it. Then if it works I might try it on a TM, just cause i want one again.


Probably gonna try this out in a couple of months so I'll post some pics on the Desert Eagle Picture thread when I've done it.


Any more input is appreciated.



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