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New "metal" Maruzen Walther P38 at DEN

X Lupin

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Looks like that refinished P38 that appeared on airsoft-news a few months back has slipped into DEN's site.


It says that the construction is metal, and the weight is higher than the plastic ones. With a metal slide, it could handle propane no prob, as the plastic ones take it pretty well as it is. Could this be true? I thought Japanese gun laws prohibited metal airsoft guns.


What do you guys think?




Second from the bottom there.


I already have one of Maruzen's AC41's, but if this is really as metal as it looks, I'll have to jump on one of these!

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Ah, and since it is copper coated, that must mean the slide is slightly more crack-proof, as the inside of my current P38 is already metal -lined, that must mean there is metal on the inside, a layer of plastic, then a coat of copper?


Plastic sandwich!

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Actually have had a problem with the finish on my PPK getting damaged. At first I thought it might be the actual plastic of the slide cracking, but since I've continued to use the gun the same way without any further trouble and the slide seems as rigid as before, I'm pretty sure the finish is just cracked. I guess because the metal part is so rigid and the actual load bearing plastic can flex they just separated.

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