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  1. Quick question: Has anyone tested these against the clear Bioval .27g?
  2. Figures. Whitedingo has the custom holster that will be next to impossible for me to find.
  3. Man, I did not recognize my own rifle in those pictures. Well done.
  4. Nope. Did it with one of those silver paint markers.
  5. Oh yes, its for an Indiana Jones loadout. Guess what it started its life as. And guess how it is worn.
  6. And yes, I did this so i could have an Indiana Jones loadout.
  7. regular claw hammer? ball peen? rubber mallet?
  8. necro, but any word on chrono results?
  9. they need to market this more to the noob market
  10. for what it sounds, thats a great price
  11. i like the usp. never liked them in real steel too much though.
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_man's_hand that was my source. but its wiki, so it might be wrong.
  13. also was in the artistic photos thread. maruzen movie prop edition in black metal. supposedly, when the finish wears, it will look like an antique gun that has been holstered and unholstered a lot. if it does, ill post up pics of it.
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