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  1. X Lupin


    Instead of sitting on the internet reminiscing about how great it was to have an airsoft gun, why not just get one and then reminisce about how great your life was before you had to worry about all the troubles of owning an airsoft gun. I'm pretty sure just owning an airsoft gun and posting on an airsoft forum doesn't do that much to your health.
  2. X Lupin

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    They call me "Professor Universe."
  3. X Lupin

    WE SCAR Review

    Also you must remember that Co2 is still a liquid gas prone to cooldown. Nothing works exactly as it should in the freezing cold, with the exception of HPA, and even that doesn't function as it should below 0 degrees. If you do so much winter skirmishing that it justifies the cost of Co2 caplets and Co2 magazines, then go for Co2, however, if you play airsoft primarily in the warmer months, it might be worth it to switch to an AEG for the winter months, as the price of Co2 and Co2 mags adds up rather quickly.
  4. X Lupin

    WE SCAR Review

    The gas type. Although Co2 does better in the freezing cold, the advantages of using propane (price, convenience,) outweigh it. -#1 airsoft weapon designer of the good ol' US of A
  5. X Lupin

    WE SCAR Review

    The FAMAS is craptastic for anything but CQB unless a tremendous amount of labour is poured into it. Exactly my point as to why its curious that the FAMAS can outshoot this gun. 60 metres is just shy of 200ft. I'd say that's a good upward ceiling for most good AEG's. 70 metres, I admit, would be pushing it. However, that's irrelevant. If you want to continue picking at straws, go ahead. I'm not going to argue with Portugal's #1 airsoft grandmaster, that would be foolish of me. The only reason I wrote that post was to give a perspective from someone who isn't trying to justify his own purchase. I've owned and worked on more guns than I care to remember, I, and all my customers seem to trust my opinion. It is in my opinion that the gun has disappointing performance relative to the barrel length, velocity, and hype. Your ad hominem responses are trivial at best.
  6. X Lupin

    WE SCAR Review

    I chose not to read the entirety of your post due to the amount/repetition of smiley faces. However, I will affirm that I would not recommend this gun to anyone for skirmishing. It's fun to fart around with, but the performance is just sub-par for a gun shooting at/over 400FPS. I will re-state that a 250FPS Tokyo Marui FAMAS will outrange and produce better accuracy than this gun. It is not a high-performance weapon, it is more of a gimmick than anything. Kills at 50 metres are nothing astonishing. I did say the weapon can get about this range in semi. Each and every one of my pistols can get kills consistently past 50 metres. I get kills past 60-70 metres with most AEG's, and 100 metres with my Asahis. I will also say that each and every one of my pistols, even stock, shoot farther and more accurately than this gun, and at a lower FPS. If you are happy with getting some kills at 50 metres in semi, good for you, it's a perfectly mediocre range for perfectly mediocre skirmishing. Also, thirty round, forty dollar magazines. That is all I have to say.
  7. X Lupin

    WE SCAR Review

    The gun shoots like ######. As do the other specimens I have handled. My gun is mechanically perfect, I have inspected it thoroughly. It sucks by design. If you think that 100' effective range is good, then please enjoy this gun. However, if you want to win, get something else. Also, I would agree about fullauto IF the accuracy was thrown off due to the recoil. However, this is not the case. You could put your gun in a vice and it would still have the trajectory of rhino poop in FA. I admit, in semi auto its not the WORST gun I've used. But still bad.
  8. X Lupin

    WE SCAR Review

    It seems like I am the only one who has one of these that isn't trying to justify his own purchase. I've been playing with and working on airsoft guns for 7 years, I like to think that I know a fairly large amount about these ball bullet guns. I would just like to add an honest and fair, no nonsense playability review of this gun. I got one of these and skirmished with it the other day. I would just like to point out that this weapon, as far as performance, sucks by design. The reason this weapon shoots so terribly is because it is based pretty much directly off the escort system, with a trigger/hammer mech thrown in. Now, the only point to having an Escort-based gun in many years back was the fact that it was a gas gun that took AEG mags. They shoot terribly by design, the system is just not for performance. The only advantage of an Escort is that you get to enjoy the recoil and dump large amounts of ammo. Therefore, this gun is a cow without the nipples. On semiautomatic, you get the same dismal performance as you would an old KSC GBB. That being about 100 feet effective range before the BB dies off and falls to the ground. This is good enough to get one or two kills in a close quarters game in the hands of a good shooter. It should also be pointed out that a stock Tokyo Marui FAMAS, shooting 250FPS, gets considerably more range than this gun, which is closer to 400. This is due to both the system used, and the fact that the hopup system seems as though it was designed by a yorkshire terrier. On full auto, however, the gun really behaves like an escort. The inconsitencies, loose tolerances, and poor airseal of the escort system really come to light on full auto. The BB's ignore any sort of "aiming" you might do, so you might as well just not do that if you want to use the gun in fullauto. The bb's don't "slightly veer to the left," they shotgun, wildly at 100ft. It's as if they're being fired down a 12ga barrel. In fullauto, you may as well just lob entire bags of BB's at your opponent. It's cheaper and more effective. As for the "woah awesome recoil," the recoil is formidable, but not near as good as an Escort. I was thoroughly unimpressed by the recoil, and with the slow, chugging rate of fire, it feels more like a team mate is trying to annoy you by wiggling your gun back and forth than any sort of recognizable recoil. It's not sharp, its sluggish and slow, and I hate it. If you are looking for a "realistic shooting experience," don't get it. It's so sluggish that going from this platform to the real thing would probably take more time than if you had trained with an AEG. If you are looking for a performance weapon to skirmish with, don't get it. It shoots like a friggin' KWA Mac-11 without the fire rate. If you want something to play pretend with and take more pictures than you pull the trigger, then go for it, its fairly cheap and clicks and clacks. If you recently inherited $250 from a family member who you really disliked and would like to rub your use of their estate in their dead face, then go for it. It will ###### them off.
  9. X Lupin

    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    I went to an op and used it after my M60 went down. Let's just say... a lot of "Russians" got to "enjoy" TM's new pistol. It's really excellent, Range is tremendous and accuracy is more than passable. Using propane, I get about 40~50 shots to a fill. I would think that 134a would get you a true 3 reloads. These mags are LARGE, fellows.
  10. X Lupin

    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    Yeah, I tend to white the trades on every gun I get my mitts on.
  11. X Lupin

    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    An interesting thing to note is that the auto slide release works EXCELLENTLY on this replica. Better than any other I have tried before. It doesn't snap closed when you bump the frame or while you are inserting the magazine, but perfectly shuts when you insert a fresh magazine. The auto slide release even works with the weapon held upside-down, as the spring tension is actually balanced. The slide lock has a spring which holds it down when the follower isn't up, meaning it won't lock from the recoil or even upside-down, however, the follower spring is balanced so that it is just stronger than the slide release spring, so when you fire that last round, the slide release spring is overcome, and the slide is locked quite crisply. Here, you can see a picture of the gun being held upside down without a magazine. Notice how the slide release is ALL the way down, as opposed to hanging slightly like most others. The blowback unit is also quite large. Here you can see it compared to the 1911's. Those whom are asking about the length of the trigger pull, here is the trigger fully forward... and fully pulled... The magazines are, indeed, very large. Here you can see a comparison shot of the mag. From left to right, Detonics, Five-seveN, STANAG, and Uzi. Of course, the obligatory family photo... More pics here: http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=208992
  12. X Lupin

    KJW M4

    Very nice, brief review, Donut.
  13. X Lupin

    Videos Thread !

    HFC M190 Demo http://s163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/X_...nt=38455087.pbr
  14. X Lupin

    Lupin - Big Sportsman Outdoorsman


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