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Madbull AGX in OD!


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I'd be more impressed if they made it cheaper than the old heavier, stronger, actually frakking compatable with 90% of other manufacturers grenades. Oh and maybe if they got an actual tangible M4 to show it on rather than photoshopping it onto a picture- its actually a little bit bigger than they've shown it there since they've just lined up the curve with the receiver and scaled it so the top fits the rail, which would have worked if they had used a gun with the rail in the right place instead of the slightly lower down one on the CSAV.

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Because most launchers are made to fit 40mm, madbull is 37mm or 38mm (not sure which) so they will fit in other launchers, but other shells won't fit in theirs. A cunning way of ensuring people buy their grenades if they get one of their launchers too :P

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I love these sort of spin off threads.




"I think they are 38mm" :mellow:


"mad bull is 37mm or 38 mm" <_<


Oh please :lol:


Why don't any of you, actually do some measuring? :huh:


I just measured my MB xm108hps. The upper is 38.8mm the cartridge is 40.8mm & the flange is 42.7mm


I also measured an old CAW 165bb Mos-Cart (the original I believe :) ), guess what,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,exactly the same.


& the loading end of my MB launcher's internal diameter is 41mm. Snug, but still a little rattle.


I would suggest other manufactures are making them a little larger. Hardly Mad bulls fault. :rolleyes:




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